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I was born in 1974, grew up in Copenhagen, mostly 2300 S. I'm also a typical (poor) musician with dreams and visions.
I'm very open as a person and therefore a lot of people and artists have had influence on my life. For instance I can mention John Lennon, George Michael, The Doors, Nirvana, Lenny Kravitz, Hanson, The Moffatts, Pearl Jam, Nevershoutnever, Bring me the horizon, Asking Alexandria, Metallica...And of course DAD! I remember the first time I heard them play! It was at a "Grøn koncert" (back then those concerts were free!!!) and it was in 1987 -the real Cowpunk days! My friend Lisbeth was totally in love with Stig and she told me about this brand new, cool band that I just HAD to come along to hear and see! -And I'm glad I did 'cause I fell totally in love -just like Lisbeth already was! -But not just with Stig but with their music and all the guys in the band! Here -22 years after, I am still in love with the guys and I'd love to shake their hands, listen to their opinions about inspirations etc.