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HI Y´ALL!! i´m pete,a 35 yrs old die-hard d-a-d -fan from vantaa,finland,a newbie in here,but been a fan since 1991...ever since i heard "grow or pay".i´m heavily into collecting ANYTHING about d-a-d,so anyone out there willing to sell stuff,don´t hesitate to contact me.and other d-a-d fans around the globe; pen-pals would be great to the moment i have two d-a-d -tattoos; on the left arm is "helpyourselfish" and on my back is a quite a huge "molly" -tattoo.and more to come,since a good friend of mine is a tattoo big dream is to meet the guys one day and thank them for the music,for being the soundtrack for my life! :) here´s my e-mail for anyone out there to write me;