Good Clean DVD

On September 29th D-A-D's milestone video-compilation of 1995 is released on DVD. Digitally remastered, plus bonus video tracks: Empty Heads & Home Alone 4!


  1. Sleeping My Day Away
  2. Bad Craziness
  3. Helpyourselfish
  4. Jihad
  5. Grow Or Pay
  6. Reconstrucdead
  7. Girl Nation
  8. Laugh 'n' A Half
  9. I Won't Cut My Hair
  10. Marlboroman
  11. ZCMI
  12. Lords Of The Atlas
  13. Ride My Train
  14. Ill Will
  15. It's After Dark
  16. Counting The Cattle
  17. Bonus tracks:

  18. Empty Heads
  19. Home Alone 4

The DVD will be "Code 0" (can be played in all countries) and PAL. (Please beware that not all televisions in USA and Japan are PAL compatible.)

If you can't find "Good Clean Family Entertainment You Can Trust" in a store near you, you will be able to purchase it right here at the D-A-D Homepage. Please help your self in The Webshop, from September 29th...