Confused: What's going on?

As you may have noticed, there has already been one attempt to launch a new site since Adam stopped as Webmaster. But it happened too quickly - without a dedicated person to take over. The site lost its soul, was too confusing and wasn't updatet at all. It just didn't work!!
Therefore we have taken one step back to the remnants of the previous Soft Dogs site. Our new Webmaster, Mikkel, is working hard to re-establish all the features. Please have patience, as he fixes the elements one by one.
In the meantime we are working on a brand new site, to be launched some time this spring. Our ambition is to make it the most home-like and cosy site on the internet with more advanced community facilities, band diary, chats, regular uploads of video-clips and much more, for D-A-D enthusiasts and Net Pets around the world.
We welcome everyone with suggestions to mail them to webmaster Mikkel!

Kind regards,

Torleif Hoppe
D-A-D Web Services