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Posted: Sun, 2013-03-17 11:34

Due to storage reasons I need to sale some of my records. There are plenty of rare Bootlegs, Single CDs and Promos from D-A-D which I collected over years. All in good used condition:

Live Craziness SOLD
Bad Grazyness (500 copies only) SOLD

1-Track Promo-CDs:
Empty Heads
Soft Dogs

2-Track Promo-CD:
Grow or Pay

Single CDs:
Girl Nation SOLD
Bad Crazyness
Grow or Pay SOLD
Evil Twin SOLD
Reconstrudead (Contains 3 Tracks and the "Playyourselfish" Computer Game)
Helpyourselfish SOLD
Something good SOLD

I also offer an originally signed autograph picture from the good old Riskin' It All times of all 4 members (with former drummer Peter) and two posters - SOLD - (tour poster size) from Riskin' It All (b/w) and Soft Dogs. Both used and partially kinked.

If your are interested please write an email with a fair offer to hamburg-rock-city@gmx.net. Most of those pieces cost me an arm and a leg.