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Posted: Sun, 2013-03-10 21:24

I am thinking of selling both items. The shirt is beautifully signed by all 4 members at that time (Peter Jensen ;-), no Laust yet). Shirt is in a good condition.

The cowboy hat was nearly never worn, as i needed a 62, but desperately pretended 60 is fitting, as it was the last size available on the tour.

If you are interested in any if these items please give me your serious offer. Else they are going to ebay or back into my closet.

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Posted: Sun, 2013-03-10 22:16

Hi! I'm interested in the shirt, please mail me at rasmushojberg@gmail.com Smiley

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Posted: Wed, 2013-03-13 18:33

Please email me: thusgaard@youseeme.dk

Regarding the cowboy hat.