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Posted: Thu, 2007-01-18 20:25

i will see some you will buy my D-A-D collection ???

Cds with other band

Music for Jean genie with Jesper Binzer on vocal/guitars (very rare)
Ekstra bladet bedste vol. 4 D:A:D sleeping my day away
Ekstra bladet bedste vol. 8 D:A:D bad craziness
Greatest hits grøn koncert D:A:D reconstructdead
Zoo magazine vol 19 the fishfaces feat Jesper Binzer on vocal
Emi medley nyheder februar 2002 D:A:D soft dogs (not complet version)

Cd singel

It’s after dark label: mrcxcd 2190
Bad craziness Label: MDS CD 514
Bad craziness (Australia single) label: d 11069
Grow or pay (Australia single) label: d 11200
Grow or pay Label: W0092 CD
Home alone 4 Label: EMI 885 1902
Everything glows Label: EMI 8885722
Nineteenhundredandyesterday Label: EMI 8889492
Free Label: DAD-PRO-UK-02
Sleeping my day away (3:cd) Label: w2775cd
Girl nation Label: w9887cd
Jacketless in December label: emi 8664532
Scare Yourself Label: EMI 8699372
Hey now Label: EMI 3425172

Cd promo

Sleeping my day away Label: pro-cd-3672
Empty heads Label: DAD PROMO 184
Jacketless in december Label: D:A:D PR 230
Hate to say i told you so Label: D:A:D PROMO 203
Mad x-mas (signed) Label: CD X-MAS 98
Evil twin Label: Pro 316
Soft dogs Label: PRO-399
Home alone 4 (black version) very rare Label: cdhome 004
Advanced Listening Label: DADpro 01
Osaka after dark (very rare) Label: WPCP-3521
No fuel left for the pilgrims promo cd (very rare) Label: 22p2-3061
I won’t cut my hair (live) Label: DAD Promo 112
Grow or pay Label: pro-cd-5254
Reconstrucdead label: emi 860972
Helpyourselfish label: emi 8681072
Something good label: pro 342
Unowned label: DADprom102
Bad craziness label: DAD pro 242
Candy bar label: DADpro 365
What’s the matter label: DADpro 403
Hey Now Label: PROHEY

Bootleg cder

The boys are back in town
Cowskull nation
Peabody, cleveland
Paradiso amsterdam
Rim of bochum
Docks konzerte, hamburg
Starclub, köln
Ude-mær-ket Fredericia!!!
Out in the dark
Grøn koncert 2000 Odense
Live at Roskilde 2000
Nemoland after dark
Skive 2001
Boogie-land after dark
Hot dogs
Gothenburg 2002
Midtfyn 2003
Scare Yourself P3
Esbjerg 15-10-2005
Den grå hal 5-3-2006
Langeland 8-7-2006
Rock I aabenraa 8-4-2006
5-øren 19-8-2006


It’s after dark (first edition) Label: MRCS 2190
A horse with no name Label: MRCS 2204
Grow or pay Label: MDS 516
Sleeping my day away (special sleeve) Label: w2775 x
Sleeping my day away (picture shaped) Label: W2775 P
Sleeping my day away (Japan promo) Label: PRS-2084
sleeping my day away (Spanish single) label: 1.148
Sleeping My Day Away Label: MDS 344
Sleeping My Day Away (flexi disk) label: pro 547
point of view (Spanish single) label: 1.207
Point Of View u cover Label: MDS 404
Point Of View m cover Label: MDS 404
girl nation (Spanish single) label: 1.224

7” with other band

D-A-D and Anthrax (jihad-now it’s dark) Label: FIEND1


Call of the wild (second edition) Label: MRLP 3017
Draws A Circle (second edition) Label: MRLP 3057
Riskin' It All Label: MDLP 6415
standin on the never never (1 edition) skæv cover !!! label: mrcx 1241
Standin on the never never (second edition) Label: MRCX 1241
Sleeping my day away Label: MDX 344
Sleeping my day away (uk version) Label: W2775 T
Special Label: MRLP 3147
point of view sam (uk only promo) Label: SAM 572
girl nation (uk only promo) Label: SAM 642
No fuel Left For The Pilgims Label: MDLP 6329
no fuel left for the pilgrims (engelskpromo/sticker Label: wx 288
Danish and dynamite label: issn 0262-6624
Scare yourself Label: EMI 3115971

Other things

Plekter (use buy Jesper Binzer on the samsø festival in 1997)
Plexter (use buy Jesper Binzer) frame !!
Plekter used under are concert
Drumskin from samsø festival 1997 (signed)
Book brændstof til drengedrømme
Book d-a-d same book but in english
good clean family entertainment you can trust VHS Label: MVH 4915523
DATA vhs Label: PRO-V-3691
Special vhs Label: MRVD 3147
No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims Label: 81146
Picture made by D-A-D !!!
Christmas card 00,01
Simpati cola
Helpyourselfish cd holder (can hold 12 cds)
Jakke fra Psychopatico touren !!
T-shirt (Signed)
Simpatico t-shirt
cassette words & music Label: pro-c-3675
cassette No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims Label: 9 25999-4
psychopatico promo sticker
scarf from the riskin it all tour 1992
soft dogs platte (signed)
scare yourself platte
Jesper Binzers setlist from are concert in Odense
Necklage from the Draw of circle days rare
Bøllehat from the mad days tour
Udklip fra diverse aviser
banner use to promotion to the concert in Odense 2002 (huge size ca. 8,13 x 7,48 m)
Drumstick use by Laust Sonne
Magnet scare yourself logo


Everything glows poster huge (signed)
Everything glows tour poster (3 pieces)
Soft dogs (mega)
Soft dogs tour poster
3 other small poster with D-A-D

Scare Yourself EU version
Scare yourself promo
Bad Grazyness
Box set with draws a circle and call of the wild
Draws a circle/call of the wild
Osaka after dark
Everything glows ( japan edition)
Helpyourselfish (Japan edition)Helpyourselfish (green cd
Riskin’ it all (long box)
Riskin’ it all (different cover) rare
Riskin it all (japan edition)
Riskin’ it all ( american edition)
No fuel left for the pilgrims ( american edition)
No fuel left for the pilgrims (Japan edition)

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Posted: Thu, 2007-01-18 21:39


there is some thing i won´t to buy the simpaticola !! can i get some prices for the stuff....

mail me henrikhkkristensen@gmail.com


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Michael Frost (not verified)

Posted: Thu, 2007-01-18 22:01

I'm perhaps interested in some of it as well.

You are more than welsome to mail some prices to me.

I'm also courious what you want for the Simpaticola

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Michael Frost (not verified)

Posted: Thu, 2007-01-18 22:01

My e-mail adress:


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Posted: Thu, 2007-01-18 22:11

I'm interested as well. If you have any prices ready please mail them to metersen@hotmail.com, otherwise please post your email address so I can mail you.


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Posted: Thu, 2007-01-18 23:02

you can mail to me with the price and maybe we can find out some more


the simpaticola is are rare item so come with are good price

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Posted: Sat, 2007-01-20 01:27

YEAH, I also need some prices on some of your stuff. Mail me or MSN me at crue80@hotmail.com

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Posted: Sat, 2007-01-20 09:03

I'm also interested!


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Posted: Sat, 2007-01-20 12:15

Prices and pictures, YES!


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Posted: Sun, 2007-01-21 13:02

In interested.. mail me please:

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Posted: Sun, 2007-01-21 13:10

the collection is sold

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Posted: Sun, 2007-01-21 21:12


How much did you get?

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Posted: Sun, 2007-01-21 21:28

8500 dk kr

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Posted: Sun, 2007-01-21 22:27