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Anonymous (not verified)

Posted: Sat, 2006-04-15 14:07


Does anyone know how much this doormat is worth?

I have never used it and it is like new.
Sice: 60x85 cm.



Er der nogle der ved hvad sådan en er værd?

Den er aldrig brugt og er derfor så god som ny.
Den måler ca. 85x60 cm

MVH Smiley

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Posted: Sat, 2006-04-15 16:38

Depends on what people will give for it, but I think only 10 of them we're made, so it's a pretty rare item.
I'd say between 500 and 800 DKR, but I'm not sure.


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Posted: Sat, 2006-04-15 22:59

I Agree.. i would say the same

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V (not verified)

Posted: Sun, 2006-04-16 19:32

I'm willing to give you 500 dkr. for it!

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Posted: Sun, 2006-04-16 23:58

600 kr for the doormat

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Benjamin Eeg (not verified)

Posted: Mon, 2006-04-17 11:48

Hi again

I am sorry, but it is worth a lot more than that to me (Especially if theres only made 10 of them).

Happy easter to all of you Smiley

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Posted: Mon, 2006-04-17 12:48

I don't think there only are made 10 of these.

I have seen them for sale a couple of times. I would more say around hundred or more.

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Posted: Tue, 2006-04-18 22:10

I know there's one in Pladeshoppen in silkeborg... begged them for it at least a hundred times Smiley-wink

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Posted: Wed, 2006-04-19 10:15

and one in Fredericia. (lydsporet)

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Posted: Wed, 2006-04-19 20:43

so maybe more than 10!