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Posted: Fri, 2005-12-09 02:59


I have collected a good amount of high quality DAD boots, so I say to all, download away. I have put them all up for share, lossLESSly encoded (.shn or .flac) - no crappy lossy .mp3's. So sound quality is the same as original boot.

To download you have to join the Bootleg Archive at: http://bootlegarchive.com/ They are a little anal in the rules, but it works. I personally use BCDC++ over the DC++ client. After you get on, look for me as asterix2112 and download away. I have 2 connections active at a time, and bandwidth is limited, so it can take a day to download a whole boot, just let it run (yes, you need a broadband connection). Even though they are compressed, lossless compression still is much bigger files then mp3's. Anyway, what I have up there is (all FM or Soundboard):

Roskilde 1984 (Trucker)
Midfyns 1986 (4 songs from radio)
Roskilde 6/1/88
Stockholm 2/10/92
Stockholm 4/25/95
Fredericia 4/29/95 (Ude-Maer-Ket Fredericia, full CD)
Vejle 12/13/97 (4 songs)
Forum 11/25/00 (Jacketless In December, announcer edited out)
Forum 3/23/02 (FULL concert I made from DAT Danish Radio gave me at show)
P3 5/23/05 (Streamed concert, originally compressed obviously, but sound great!)

All I ask is that if you have any high quality DAD boots I do not have, contact me and get them to me some how (and I will share them). asterix@covad.net to contact me.

- John Connor