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Posted: Sat, 2004-02-28 11:58

Here´s a list of what I´m selling.


It´s after dark MRCXCD 2190
Bad craziness D11069 Liberation
Bad craziness W 0074 CD
Bad craziness MDSCD 514
Sleeping... 3" W 2775 CD
Sleeping... pro-cd 3763
Sleeping... pro-cd 3672
Grow or pay pro-cd 5254
Grow or pay MDXCD 516 (with Finnish info sheet)
Grow or pay MDXCD 516 (with Swedish cover)
Grow or pay W 0092 CD
Grow or pay D11200 Liberation
Laugh´n´a half MDSCD 531
I won´t cut... D-A-D prom. 112
Unowned D-A-D prom. 102
Reconstrucdead EMI 8680972
Helpyourselfish EMI 8681072
D-A-D advanced listening, D-A-D pro 01 (6 songs)
Empty heads D-A-D promo 184
Hate to say... D-A-D promo 203
Home alone 4 EMI 8851902
Jacketless... D-A-D promo 230 (merry x-mas edit)
Jacketless... EMI 8864532
Mad x-mas x-mas 98
Evil twin D-A-D promo 316
Everything glows EMI 8885722
1900and... EMI 8889492
1900and... EMI 8889492 (with Swedish info sticker on back of cover)
1900and... German acetate promo
Soft dogs D-A-D promo 399
What´s the matter D-A-D pro. 403
Something good D-A-D pro. 342

Call of the wild 0126202 MEG.
Draws a circle MRCD 3145
Draws a circle,Metronome 883407-2
(different tracklist)
No fuel... 22P2-3061 Japan
Riskin´it all MRCD 6415
Riskin´it all EMI 8281512
Riskin´it all WPCP-4574 Japan
Riskin´it all WPCP-4574 Japan pro
OAD,WPCP-3521, Warner-Pioneer
Helpyourselfish TOCP-8490 Japan
Helpyourselfish TOCP-8490 Japan promo
Simpatico TOCP-50327 Japan
Psychopatico TOCP-65148-49 Jap.
Everything glows, German acetate promo (whole CD-album)

Words & music Pro-c-3675
No fuel... WB 4-25999
No fuel... MDMC 6329
No fuel... 105210-4 Liberation (without cover)
Riskin´it all MDMC 6415
Riskin´it all, C-30722 Liberation
Helpyourselfish EMI 8324804

Call of the wild MRLP 3017 (second release)
Draws a circle MRLP 3057 (second release)
Special MRLP 3147
Standin´on the... 12" MRCX 1241 (second release)
Sleeping... 12" W 2775 TW (with stencil)
Bad craziness, W 0074 T (4 tracks)
12" promo, 4 songs, SAM-572
Sleeping...7" W 2775 X ("leather" cover)

Danish&dynamite 2-LP Tuborg 66200
Overmuch, 123-2 ("original")
Live craziness MIK 040-041
Boys are back... Boo 001

Related (where D-A-D apperes):
Zoo CD 4,11,17,19
Good evening Mr. Whack CD-s
Monthly power picks 3-4 1995 Japan promo (Reconstrucdead)
FONO 24 May 2000 promo (Everything glows)
Lollipop EP 1995 promo (Unowned)
EMI promo CD, PCD 23 (Helpyourselfish)

If you´re interested in anything above, please mail me at punk.65@chello.se and we´ll see if we can work something out. Prices on the items above are hard to set as they are various depending on what you´re interested in, but that part we´ll work out too.