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Posted: Tue, 2005-03-22 10:17

I wish You a Happy Easter With lots of sweets and enjoyable days so you can take it easy. I hope you remember me, the one with purple hair at Tivoli, in the autumn -04. We looked at each other but unfortunately there was a fence between us. Looking forward to lay my eyes at you again.
Will you give me Happy Easter regards to the oher ones.

A big Easterhug too you Torleif!!
I wish I cuold delivery it my self.

Would you like to give Jacob a messege?
That in the past ther was no other way, exept the one she toke for the both of them.
I saw there still is a fire between them. She is waiting for him and he know were and how to get her.
Send a Easterhug too him from her.