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Posted: Wed, 2004-09-22 22:32

I was recently told about D-A-D by a coworker, having never heard of them, I know, forgive me i live in a shell. Anyway i'd like to sample some downloads, you know give tham a listen??? Before I buy, where can I go ?????? On the internet of course. Thanks alot!

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Posted: Wed, 2004-09-22 22:36

I recommend http://www.antipirat.dk/

(sorry, couldn't help it)


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Posted: Wed, 2004-09-22 23:33

I'd try the new "netmusik"... U need to know if your local library is signed up, and the number they have (can be read here: https://www.statsbiblioteket.dk/netmusik/LibInfo?action=registered

sorry for screwing up the borders...

Then enter the site
where "774300" is switched with the number of your library (774300 is Silkeborg)

then search for "D.A.D" and "Disneyland" - I found 3 albums (Draws a circle, Special (compilation) and Call of the Wild) and a single (It's After Dark/Sad Sad X-mas) there...


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