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Posted: Tue, 2018-10-02 19:38

According to TicketMaster, D-A-D are going to play at ODEON in Odense on 6. april 2019, it also says on ODEONs webpage. Tickets go on sale on friday.
Nothing has been announced on Facebook or here...?


Could this be the 2019 arena tour that has been leaked? If so, the new album could come out sooner than we may think, unless they're making the same mistake as in the Soft Dogs years; planning a tour while in the studio.... They ended up starting touring the day after the album was released.

Jesper has said in an interview that they expect the album to be out in april - a big arena tour only a few days after the release of the album. To me a better option would be to do a smaller promotiontour visiting smaller venues in spring and then do the "real" tour in autumn. But we'll see what happens...


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