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I have an old copy of the old "Video Special" for VHS, a little torn from watching it so many times when I bought it in the '90's. My opinion is that Torleif Hoppe should at least do a re-issue (limited) for them who call themselves "diehard-fans", but who missed the cowpunk and "Peter"-period.

Compared to the mood of "True Believer", the guys were still quite "naive" of the things to come, only working on their "big break" of "No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims" and working hard on getting over the "country"-period and seen as a "jokeband".

I myself would have done something with the video if I owned a VHS-player and the programming, which gave quite a bad quality in 2012 - 2013 when I worked digitalizing my "employees" (personal assistant) private homevideos. Torleif owns the hardcopies so it would be a great deal for a lot of fans, especially those who've been there since the beginning, ... or at least '92.

/ Petri Torvinen

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