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Posted: Fri, 2016-11-18 07:44

So we've heard a lot of oldies that haven't been played for ages during the 30-30-30 tour and the recent Riskinitallforthepilgrims-tour, but there are still A LOT of oldies that haven't got to please the crowd in many years.
I think it would be interesting to hear this one:

Mighty mighty high

What is your pick? (only one)

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Posted: Wed, 2016-11-23 11:24

I'm definitely with you on that one.
But my overall opinion about the old songs, is that on one hand I love the old songs and think it's great when they dig them out, but on the other hand I found that e.g. Call of the Wild and Johnny had better energy/were better performed back in the early days, comparing the recent years live performances with old bootleg recordings. So much to my regret, I'm actually partly in favour of them just leaving out the old ones - at least when it sound like a 50 year old trying to perform like a 20 year old.
Speaking of the tour, I know many old fans is dying to see a full show of Helpyourselfish, but again I must admit, I didn't think they're recent performence of Helpyourselfish, lived up the song (at least not the three times I saw/heard them play this song the past few years).

anyway it's nice to see some old guys still alive in here..


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Posted: Thu, 2016-11-24 00:30

The guys sure have been busy!

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