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Posted: Sun, 2015-07-05 23:40

How many times have you seen D-A-D live? And do you have a favorite concert or maybe just a really memorable one, you would like to tell about?

Personally, I've only seen D-A-D 5 times (planning on the 6th this year, though).
A really memorable D-A-D concert to me, was the first one I attended at Grøn Koncert in 2010. This was just two years after I had fallen in love with the Monster Philosophy album, and besides that album, I had really only heard a few of the classic D-A-D songs. So I was not at all prepared for this concert. I had no expectations and was just curious to see, what would happen. But as soon as I saw Jesper running out on stage and to the end of the catwalk while screaming from the top of his lungs, I was gaping. And when the first song "Evil Twin" kicked in I was blown away!! It literally ROCKED my world. That concert got me hooked, and I have been a True Believer ever since.
I guess, it's true what they say: you never forget your first time Smiley-wink

But that was just me - what about YOU???
Were you at some of the early concerts at Ungdomshuset (Jagtvej, Copenhagen)?
Or did you see a kick ass concert with huge inflatable Simpaticolas next to the stage?
Maybe you've even seen Laust haging from the ceiling in an angel costume?

No matter what, I can't wait to hear about it!
Share your story in the comment section below Smiley-midget-laugh

Best regards,

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Posted: Sun, 2015-07-05 23:47

Did you miss last week's D-A-D Sunday question?
- Well, no problem! Find it HERE: http://www.d-a-d.dk/meet-n-greet/discussion/topic/24749

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Posted: Tue, 2015-07-07 12:33

So far I never counted how many times I was happy to experience those fab four live on stage. Seems this thread by now is the opportunity to get that clear... an easy job thanks to the "Tourdates-Section" on this beautiful website Smiley-wink

01. 17.12.1991, Düsseldorf, Phillipshalle (supporting Skid Row)
02. 14.03.1998, Bonn, Biskuithalle
03. 31.12.1999, Copenhagen, Radhuspladsen (NYE-Concert, missing in the Tour Section)
04. 29.05.2000, Cologne, MTC (Promo-Show Everything Glows)
05. 07.10.2000, Hannover, Faust
06. 10.10.2000, Bochum, Zeche
07. 23.11.2000, Ringsted, Kongrescenter
08. 24.11.2000, Slagelse, Antvorskovhallen
09. 25.11.2000, Copenhagen, Forum
10. 22.03.2002, Slagelse, Antvorskovhallen
11. 23.03.2002, Copenhagen, Forum
12. 14.04.2002, Bochum, Zeche
13. 16.04.2002, Cologne, Prime Club
14. 22.09.2006, Bochum, Zeche
15. 24.09.2006, Colgne, Prime Club
16. 16.09.2009, Cologne, Essigfabrik
17. 18.09.2009, Bochum, Zeche
18. 30.04.2010, Dortmund, FZW
19. 04.12.2010, Bochum, Matrix
20. 11.02.2012, Bochum, Zeche
21. 12.02.2012, Cologne, Luxor (?)
22. 20.02.2013, Dortmund, FZW (?)
23. 26.07.2014, Essen, Nord Open Air

That's all - just in case I didn't miss a show...

It's truely hard to tell what show was the best... surely the Millenium-Show was unforgettable, not only 'coz of D-A-D but also 'coz of the great accompany who shared that night with me. Thanks alot again my friends. You know who you are, though I doubt you'll ever read these lines...

Also the closing of the tour in 2000 (Forum) really was a great experience due to the seize of the audience. It's simply a remarkable difference between the audience in Germany and the audience in Denmark, especially when it comes to sing along.

Last but not least I definately never will forget the night of the 18.09.2009. A long time dream did become true that night with the opportunity to photograph the complete show of my favourite band performed in my favourite venue. It's still giving me the creeps.

Kind regards,

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Posted: Sat, 2015-07-11 18:03

Wooow, 23 -as far as I can count. But why the big gap from 1991 to 1998? Weren't you fan yet back then, or...?

Also, really cool with the photo job. That must have been huge! Can I see those pictures anywhere?

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Posted: Mon, 2015-07-13 08:18

Hey there Rasmus,
well, the gap between 1991 and 1998 was mainly due to lacking information when and where our fab four come to play around where I live. It's been the time before internet was a standard in ev'ry home. In 1995 I knew they would be touring, but around that time they were hitting the stage in Cologne, Alter Wartesaal, I've been in hospital after a severe car accident. Too bad I that why missed the tour of my favourite tune...

The photojob was... well, beyond words. Still an O:V:E:R:M:U:C:H B:I:G T:H:A:N:X to Azda! It's to just words when I wrote that a dream came come true... you will find the best of the 800+ pics of that great night on www.overmuch.de

Kind regards,

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Posted: Mon, 2015-07-13 23:04

My pleasure, Marcel!

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Posted: Mon, 2015-07-13 14:29

Great idea with these Sunday questions - which I just discovered today. Here's a little something from me:

My first D-A-D concert was in Århus during the Riskin' It All-tour. It was January 30 in 1992. SInce then I have been at least one concert on all the tours. I've seen them several times at Grøn Koncert and Skanderborg festival and then some. In total I'm on 30+ shows so I have many memorable moments.

Two of the greatest memories come from the small club shows (intimkoncerter) they have played. The first was in Christiania in 2005. I lived in Århus and the show was in Copenhagen so it was a 3 hour journey to go there. My girlfriend lived in Copenhagen so I had bought 2 tickets for us - which was amazing because the show was sold out in minutes. I went to Cph. early and met with some friends in Nyhavn. All of a sudden I was struck with panic; I realized that I had forgotten the tickets! I rushed to a billetnet-office trying to explain my situation. They ended up printing me some tickets and an explanation for the concert crew, but they could not promise they would work. I went home to my girlfriend so nervous about the evening and the uncertainty of whether the new tickets would work or not. A friend of mine knew someone who was selling two tickets so after an hour or so we decided to call him and hear if he still had his tickets. He did, and we ended up buying them as an insurance; now at least we were sure to get in! When we got there we got in with the tickets from billetnet and suddenly I had two extra tickets. I called a fellow D-A-D fan - he was a friend of a friend - and he and his buddy were thrilled to get the chance to go. So they ended up getting the tickets and we all got to see the concert. And every time I have seen them since they mention how happy they were to have gotten the tickets Smiley-midget

A second memory is from the club concert at Radar, Århus in 2014 (http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/radar-aarhus-2014). It took place 3 minutes from my home and the stage was so small and the audience so close to the band. They opened the show with the Rin-Tin-Tin riff standing with their backs to the audience and I loved it Smiley-midget But it got even better during 'Simpatico' where Jesper jumped off the stage and into the crowd singing the second verse. He ended up standing right next to me! That was SO cool and I will never forget that!

Oh, and yes, I have seen the big Simpaticolas and yes, I have seen Laust playing sax dressed as an angel Smiley-midget

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Posted: Wed, 2015-07-15 13:01

Woow, what an intense story! But glad to hear it all worked out for you and the friends.

Those club concerts were AMAZING - I saw them at Skråen in Aalborg. Especially because of the setlists - i mean: Riskin it All, Cloudy Hours, Call of The Wild, Empty Heads, Simpatico, Jackie O, Ill Will, and of course Counting The Cattle! Many of those are so rarely (some never) played live, and for a fan like me, it was just refreshing to hear something else than the regular ones (Sleeping, Bad Craziness, Jihad...) played live. Of course those are great songs too, but you can hear them at any other D-A-D show. Definitely the best way to celebrate their 30th anniversary Smiley-midget-laugh

Best regards,