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Posted: Sun, 2012-03-18 13:58

Please contribute to the Wiki-D and help us tell the vivid story of D-A-D. Test your knowledge in this threaded discussion with other fans, and our editor will put the pieces together and reward the best contributions with gifts from the Web Shop.

So don't hold back - if you have a story to tell, this is the place to do it!

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Here is my contribution to the wigwam tour. There can of course be added a lot more to this text, but I don't have anymore time right now to look into the tours details. This is as I remember it. So there might be a few changes to be done as well.

Wigwam: The Extraordinary, Extravaganza, Earth-shattering Tour.

The year is 2002, everything is looking good for the band and with the release of their softer, grown-up album Soft Dogs they were ready to try something new – tourwise.
They were the co-founders of the two day WigWam-Tour with Thomas Helmig and RockOnAps. The idea came from small-talk conversations with they music colleague, the Danish pop icon Thomas Helmig. The idea was to come up with an alternative to the ordinary festivals that they had been playing a lot. They wanted to heighten the quality of Danish festivals by offering luxurious food and surroundings and get rid of the usual field with people drinking beer out of plastic cups and eating hotdogs and changing diapers.

With one day being all rock’n’roll with artists as Sort Sol, Kent, Jupiter day and of course D-A-D and the other day being all pop with artists as Christian Brøns, Bo Kaspers Orchestra, Erann DD and Thomas Helmig there was music for everyone.

To give the fans an optimal experience D-A-D decided not to play any of the other festivals and outdoor concerts. They promised the fans a set list full of classics and they were exited about the project.

But the Danish people weren’t ready for this type of outdoor arrangement. They didn’t buy tickets; especially the “pop-day” was lacking interest. And after the first weekend of playing in Odense it was decided to cancel the tour to D-A-D and Helmig’s great disappointment.

D-A-D and Helmig were financially involved in the project. And as it went to the ground came RockOnAps’ suspension of payments. Resulting in other bands was set to lose money even though they didn’t have anything to do with the WigWam tour.
Seeing as D-A-D and Helmig was financially involved they had to cover their part of the loss; and they both lost a lot of money.

Hard times followed as D-A-D was under a lot of pressure especially money wise.

As the tour went down the drain D-A-D and Helmig didn’t want to disappoint their fans who already bought tickets. So they gave a number of concerts together. On stage you couldn’t see that they were under pressure because they played with such a fierce energy that the audience left with a good feeling even though they were missing out on other great artists.


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This tour is one of the reasons I REALLY like DAD: When you have an idea you fight for it, and you don't give up till all possibilities are tried - Riskin' It All - Besides I can only have respect for you for keeping true to yourselves, not changing lane because some stupid american tells you to ;) - You were very young at the time which only makes it more admirable. - We can't pay you as much as The States, but we really are TRUE BELIEVERS, and we give ourselves to you at your concerts as we feel you give us all you've got - we keep it that way! Smiley-midget


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