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Posted: Thu, 2008-07-24 13:13

I remember that the d-a-d shows, a few years ago, was a grand party from the beginning to the end. I've just seen d-a-d at grøn koncert in Århus and I must say, it was no good. They started up with a new track but since nobody knew it, it ended up as a lot of noise. The band jumped around trying to gte the party going but no luck untill the end... First half was full of theese riffs-and-shouts songs and it made me think. It seems like d-a-d counts on that the crowd loves them just because they appear. d-a-d dosn't fight for a good show they play the gig and things, 'no matter what happens we will make them happy at the end by playing bad craziness e.g....' well that is just sad... Come on guys fight for your right to be called greatest danish rockband! You're on your way to become entertainers but not by choise...

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Posted: Thu, 2008-07-24 13:50

Siamese Twin was the opening song in Aarhus and that is an old song, not a new one. It's from No fuel (1989).
I think the concert was great! They played the classics: Bad Craziness, Sleeping, Everything Glows aso. But also some of the more rare songs: Call of the wild & Siamese Twin, Girl Nation.
So there were songs for both the dedicated and neutrale audience

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Posted: Thu, 2008-07-24 13:52

Jens-8 check your skills in the d-a-d history before you post, they started out with two of the real oldies Smiley-laugh fair point of you though

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Posted: Thu, 2008-07-24 13:55

I understand what you mean, but I don't agree. I think they do alot to make the live shows exciting for the audience - i.e. Laust flying, Stig's fire, the running around, battles of drums/guitar, etc., so I don't think it's fair to say they're taking things for granted.

I've noticed that Jesper, when talking about their fans, often points out that it's not DAD's job to live up to the fans' expectations - sometimes the fans have to 'follow DAD' (if they like the music), which I think is true.

But I wasn't at the Århus show, so I don't know how that was. The only DAD concert that ever disappointed me (which I can just think of) was Midtfyn 2001, so that's a pretty good statistic. New songs at live shows is probably always sort of weird, but as long as they don't do, what Saybia did on Roskilde 2004 (or was it 2003?), it doesn't make my hair grey.


Edit: Yes, I also think it's a fair thing of you to point out. There's nothing worse, than boring concerts Smiley-wink

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Posted: Thu, 2008-07-24 17:18

I thinks it's because they are scheduled to go on at 19.50. The Green concert in Aalborg was my 8th DAD concert, and it was the first where I thought to myself that this is a bit dull. I mean at the other concerts I've been to they went on at perhaps 21.30, 22.00 or 22.30 when the sun had gone down. A DAD concert doesn't seem to work when the sun is shining and they have the sunlight in their faces. It has to be dark when it's open air or in a hall or a theatre where their light show shows to it's best advantage.
But anyway it was nice seeing the boys again and to listen to their music being played live. And I'm sure looking farward to my next DAD concert Smiley

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Posted: Fri, 2008-07-25 09:57

I totally agree with Jens-8. The show is boring and too professional. Where is the energy?
And the new songs? Totally sounds like something from scare yourself... -BORRING. In old days D-A-D surprised everyone, but not anymore. And I know that – uhhh Laust is flying, and see WOUW Stig is on fire, and YIIRR a new Laust solo. But please tell me guys - How many times have you seen this in the last purple of years? It’s the same, and the same every year…

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Posted: Fri, 2008-07-25 11:54

Entering mine field Smiley-wink :

By "purple of years" I'm going to conclude, that you mean "couple of years"? I have no idea. My guess is some 25-30 times over the past 10-12 years, but I really don't know.

But, DADboy, you really need to make some comparisons, because I can see you're making fun of my excitement about DAD's stage show.
Compared to what, do you think the show is boring? Name a band that year after year can make great live shows, so there's a chance to know, what you're on about, because I can't quite figure out if it's their music or their live shows, you're unhappy about.

And don't you think that a fan's perception of DAD can change over years? As opposed to just DAD "getting boring"?


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Posted: Fri, 2008-07-25 13:14

Well, miss einstein.. – I just mean that DAD always use the same stage-show. I mean Laust drum-solo (we have seen that so many times! Please stop it now “kom så laust….” – THAT is boring! Figured something new?) Stig on fire – well, we have seen it so many times. And I could say a lot of other things, but my point is very simple = Try something new? – The same with the setlists. Okay that’s very cool that they try some of the old shit – but still… There is no surprising in a D-A-D setlist more, because you always know the half of the setlist before they start. And the setlist they play in Esbjerg, is the same as they play in Odense and probably also Valby. They never chance songs on a tour. I think that is boring.
And I’m not making fun of your topic, - I just said that you guys are so impressed by the show, and I just wonder about why you are. Many of you have seen D-A-D a lot of times – some of you must think the same as me?

It’s not an attack on D-A-D! Please take it easy – it’s a forum, and as a member of the forum – I’m aloud to say that I mean about the band!

Name a band? Well, I don’t think that is necessary my friend…

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Posted: Fri, 2008-07-25 14:54


I think you should wait for the new album and the tour in support of it. I think that they will prepare something new for us, something really monstrous. At least that is what I hope for. I have no idea where I took it from, but somehow I believe that they mostly made something utterly new when released the albums.

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Posted: Fri, 2008-07-25 15:57

MajkenC quote: "Name a band that year after year can make great live shows, so there's a chance to know"....???

Excuse me, but is D-A-D the only band, you have ever seen live? I won't start mentioning bands, who makes new stages, new versions of their songs and ALOT more on every new tour to you, but trust me, I think most bands do this. Even the biggest ones...

But I agree that the show in Århus wasn't as good, as many other D-A-D shows. In fact, I would say it's the worst one I've ever seen... Smiley-sad Magtens Korridorer and (don't kick me) Aqua were alot better.

But I agree with Mikkel-Andersen that it's because D-A-D has to be seen, when it's dark. D-A-D = After dark... Smiley-wink

And finishing off with Bad Crazinnes...?! That's probably the best party-kick-off-song you can imagine, and to end the show right after this is just... Not right.

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Posted: Fri, 2008-07-25 19:11

Hehe, spoilt, spoilt die-hard fans! Smiley-wink Maybe you are forgetting that the band is in the recording process right now, it must also take a lot of time and energy. I think that fans should be extremely patient with the band right now, they are human beings, after all..=)

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Posted: Fri, 2008-07-25 19:28


Why don't you figure something new! You dont think the Drumsolo this year was surprising? the setlist?
Come on man, Why do you come to the concerts if you know it all then? Support the band instead of say that their preformance is booring (My point of view)

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Posted: Sat, 2008-07-26 00:46

It's not a question of supporting the band, but about what the band are doing. - just because you are a fan you don't have to love everything about them and like every each of their songs and stuff. - take it easy boy? It's not personal holmC, when i'm saying something bad about D-A-D?? Jesus..

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Posted: Sat, 2008-07-26 00:58

The way I see it:

the set-list is what "normal" (don't shoot me for saying that) people would love to hear in a d-a-d concert. And when I say "normal" i mean people who don't attend 5-6 concert with d-a-d the same year, as many people in here does.

So of course for people who doesn't attend a lot of d-a-d concerts year after year after year, Sleeping My Day Away, Bad Craziness, EG are top favorites and songs that people knows (crowd-pleasers). It would be the same if Aqua didn't preform Barbi Girl, Dr Jones, Roses are Red.

We in here would like more rare songs like Siamese Twin, Girl Nation, Call of The wild etc. as we actually GOT in the set! Last summer it was Jonnie and as i remember in a few concert D-law. On SY-alive tour it was Makin' fun of money, Girl Nation and Hate to say.

I think it's a balance to create the perfect set to please everyone.

And a concert without Stigge on fire would be the same as Iron Maiden without Eddie in an Iron Maiden concert. It's D-A-Dish! IMO.

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Posted: Sat, 2008-07-26 09:18

Well I saw the show in Herning and it was GREAT, fast and funny. I really appriciate the way DAD gives full speed to the show. Ex Aqua talked between every song. DAD = total energy. Also that they play Call Of The Willd ...and it works live after 24 years!!!

Great opening with Siamese twin...that´s unusual in a good way - not boirng.

Was offered backstages passes yesterday by a nice old frinend but unable to go to Odense. Sorry friend (you know who you are)

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Posted: Sat, 2008-07-26 15:28

Kanutski: Of course I have seen other bands live. But I do not agree with you. Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of the biggest bands (or at least they were) and they suck so badly live (emphasize suck). Raveonettes hasn't got a good live show at all, either. And so on. So I do not agree with you, when you say all bands are just as innovative live as DAD.

I think DAD brings new stuff to their shows everytime. So I don't think they're boring.

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Posted: Sat, 2008-07-26 15:47

I don't think that it's borring AT all! I mean wow it's an amazing effect having Laust flying out to the audience and Cobber also the same thing!
But I really did notice something! D-A-D really have 100 % more energy compared to Bon Jovi. D-A-D really give more of themselves than Bon Jovi and that really made me proud of being a D-A-D fan! I really believe that the band works hard to please their fans..
Yes, it could be like nice if the changed the songlist a little bit from concert to concert, I sure would have loved to hear "Lawrence", but hey... if they did that, then you would always hear people complaining that they didn't play " Grow or pay"in for exsample Kolding or another song, because they did play it in Odense! We just have to face the fact, that sometimes D-A-D just know best!

There's one very good thing about Bon Jovi, they change the setlist in every city they visit. They've played around 95 concerts in different cities with a completly new setlist. Just imagine how borring it must be playing the same setlist at 95 concerts, pretty borring I guess.
And the fans bring banners saying something like "Please play This ain't a lovesong" and then Jon suddenly decides to play it for the first time on their Lost Highway tour, that's just amazing I think..

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Posted: Sat, 2008-07-26 17:29

well, yesterday I've been thinking of what you all said here. and my question to DADboy is: what do you think would be a new something that you expect from DAD on their live shows except for the new set-list? Just give an example.

I believe, that the band has its own 'brand-style' which had been developing through many years. And you know why, I think, they invented so many things in the beginning and are slowing down with it just now (though, actually, I'm not quite sure they are - maybe only in a field of merchandise which we discussed in the other thread). 'Cause they simply had been searching for their own style. And they've succeeded. As Osaka said those little features (and they always worked with features not with concepts) - fire tricks and many other things - they are now an essential part of most of the shows. And since they HAVE their own style - why then should they invent a NEW one?

It'd be weird, I believe, if they suddenly made a sort of play like the one Alice Cooper usually does, or Madonna r'n'bs show (though I think it'd be fun to see them surrounded with dancing girls-boys-or-something-in-the-middles, he-he). Had I wanted to see a damn great show I'd rather have gone to a circus or to the concert of the band or singer who are known for their spectacular shows in a first place. And, in fact, I wouldn't want to see the DAD concert as that kind of the show which takes your attention away from their music. Because the music is the main thing which attracts me in the band. I think that good performance and excellent sound - and, of course, your own attitude make the concert best and fill it with energy.

Though, I think, the stage made in a shape of a cow-skull - I mean that the band plays INSIDE of the skull - whould have been a good amend Smiley-wink

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Posted: Sat, 2008-07-26 19:56

haha, do i hear an angry in here? i hope not ;) LOL

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Posted: Sat, 2008-07-26 20:50

The problem is not d-a-d, the problem is the concept of grøn koncert.
I made the mistake goinge there some years ago and promised myself not to go again.
The audince is for the main part not that interested in the music, but more in getting drunk talking and other things. The music is something happening in the background.
If you want to se the real d-a-d then go to thir real concerts and not that cheap anually towm-party copy.
The atmosphere is completely different and that affects the impression af the show no matter if you say you just come for the music.
I´m a big d-a-d-fan and one of the green concerts came by my city about 5 km from where i live, but i didn´t bother to go even though the tickitprice was only 130.......Ill go to 2 or 3 of the real concerts even though i have to travel for them and pay about the double price.......the grøn koncert are for a god couse though, but i don like the lousy atmosphere.

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Jens8 (not verified)

Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 18:07

I've tjeck some old records...Sorry, saimeese twins is an oldie...
But still, d-a-d has become a circus where music no longer is the main center. You say that a d-a-d show should take place after dark. A good band should be apple to deliever a good show because of the music and not the amount of fire-work.

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Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 18:55

I'm not sure, that I've anything intelligent to say, but..

About the Grøn Koncert; concept: "move a concert from town to town - from day to day" which in my head means: GK Århus = GK Odense.. (and therefore I guess you wouldn't expect a brand new setlist from town to town).

Face that people goes to concerts because they want to hear music that they know - a lot of D-A-D-concerts would be pretty boring if we are the only people helping the band with the texts..
And if I was an artist (which I'm not!) I think I would play songs, that people knows (of course with a little "unknown twist").. cause whe you make people happy, you make your self happy..

And about the show:
if it´s all about the music - why care about the show..? close your eyes and feel the music!

By the way - If you know the setlist before you go to a concert and for an example don't get surprised of hearing "Siamese twin" as an opening song I guess it's because you have been a fool and read the posts with setlists in here. - The same about don't getting surprised of the flying drummer...
So don't getting surprised of small details the only one to blame is yourself!!

And bla bla...

EDIT: by the way I don't care - I like them...

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Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 19:14

Wigga whoopa wigger big bang - D-A-D is ALL about the music Smiley-wink
They are all about the livemusic and the show that they deliver is really an xtra bonus for everyone!

Now I was standing in the VIP area in Odense, where I SAW how many hands who were up in the air during D-A-D's show.. People were enjoying themselves, singing along to the old songs.. It would be SO SO SO borring if you came to a concert, where there was NO coloring lights, no effects, no WOW feeling... And D-A-D does change their stage effects to give the audience a WOW effect!
I've been going to 32 concerts with D-A-D and I keep comming back year after year, after year because I like what I see and hear...

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Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 20:10

First of all - I don´t agree that the new music sounds like ScareYourself, and we have established that Siamese Twin is not a new track:)

D-A-D does not always use the same stageshow - people who thinks that can not have seen that many shows.

They started with the pyrotradition back in 91 as far as I can remember and what´s wrong about a tradition?
I can´t recall when they started to let Laust go cracy at the drums but I think it was on their first gig after Laust became drummer and that was at Skanderborg. What´s wrong about that tradition - people allways get very happy - the crowd is paralysed when it happens - also when it´s a their "own gigs with their own fans". It can also make people sad or mad if they stop a traditon - e.g no it´s after dark (though they never do and has done - when it´s not after dark).

They have made different arrengements like Laust flying like an angel palying sax, now in a UFO plying drums, and as said before Stigge with pyrohelmet - not that ofen anymore and it´s delightfull the few times it still happens.. And at the riskin it tour the rocketbase was also full of pyro.

And then we have to ask ourselves the question - is it an ok stageshow or if not should we have gone to see a circus instead?

The energy is not the same in each show - do we all have the same energy each day at work or studying?

I think the show in Herning was much better than the one in Esbjerg and that the show in Odense was more or less as good as the one in Herning.

Besides - I think we should follow the band instead of they should follow us - would they be real artist´s if they only played what people would like to hear and did the kind of stageshow that people would like? I think they would - but then they would be the kind of arist´s called clowns!

And you´r right - we can only say what we mean, but if they should try to do and play what people would like they would not succeed because we all have our own minds and wishes and how should they fullfill them all?

I like them cause they do what they like to do - they go their own ways.


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Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 21:05

Aqua- that was a pure circus! But honestly, what a great one... They are more show, than music..

And yeah, I believe that when D-A-D goes on tour, we will see a completly new stage show! "Monster P (can't spell it)" hahaha I bet that they'll all turn up as monsters in each their own costume (Just kidding)... hahaha..

Ahhh no maybe not, but I do believe that they will do something...

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Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 21:17

wow, what a silly discussion..
If you´re bored, dont' go see the show!

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Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 21:24

no, severineven, you don't get the point. Tina, that was a good attempt. My second guess is a stage made as a trampoline in a shape of open brain ;)

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Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 21:29

I mean the discussion in generel!

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Posted: Sun, 2008-07-27 22:15

Hopefully they don't show up like LORDI! hahaha, well they're pure monsters.... in fact ugly ones... Smiley-sad

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Posted: Thu, 2008-07-31 15:31

I agree with GH on the Grøn Koncert concept. To me D-A-D doesn't work well with these cheap summer shows. The least good of the shows I've seen with D-A-D was Hørve in 03, Grøn Koncert in 04 and Hillerød last year. Somethings gets lost when half of the audience doesn't care of what's on stage.

And for that reason I didn't go.

But, to me the fire in the helmet, the cowskull being raised in the background (did they do that this time?), Stigs weird clothes, Jespers UDEMÆRKET and maybe also the drumsolo thing is D-A-D trademark and should never go away.

To me it's more about the songs they play and even more how they play them.

The setlist from Grøn looks pretty cool, so really no complains there, but if Sleeping and Grow or Pay again had the usual lengthy solos that we know then that's just tells me that it's a little to much routine. At least the drumsolo wasn't in Marlboro Man - they did that way to many times.

We want the solos but throw them into new songs and we want the drum solo but change the way it's done etc. The idea must be to keep everything fresh, also the songs that we hear at every single concert.

And in my opinion this is where D-A-D could improve their performace a bit. But I still think they kick some serious ass...

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Posted: Fri, 2008-08-01 04:48

My boyfriend got to go to the Green concert, and damn I was jealous. This is his 11th time seeing D-A-D, and I've seen them once. Oh well, I will again eventually. But what bugged me a whole lot was missing Aqua! DAMN IT! They're amazing.

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Posted: Fri, 2008-08-01 16:02

Lets praise we can get the band to do a outdoor after dark concert, preferably in Copenhagen with an setlist full of oldies, then maybe 2-3 new songs. Just rip the setlist from Copenhagen 92 and I'll be satisfied.

About the current discussion, with Laust in the band they have not produced any good rock'n'roll. Some nice pop songs though...

And the setlist from Copenhagen?

Rock 'n' Rock Radar
Bad Craziness
Girl Nation
Rim Of Hell
Day Of Wrong Moves
Riding With Sue
I Won't Cut My Hair
Point Of View
Down That Dusty 3rd World Road
Grow Or Pay
Sleeping My Day Away
True Believer
Siamese Twin
Smart Boy Can't Tell Ya
Makin' Fun Of Money
Isn't That Wild
Riskin' It All
Ill Will
Laugh 'n' a 1/2
It's After Dark

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Posted: Fri, 2008-08-01 18:47

Some people live´s in the past, many like my grandmother used to say the past was better.

And I do think that Helpyourselfish and Scareyourself was great albums and ofcourse rock.

I agree that things could be done different, but as said before - no one can agree on what the band should do or should not do.

I agree that the most important thing is the music and I agree that it´s better to be at a "real" D-A-Dgigs insted of there where the wonnabees come and I mostly perfere release partys or small gigs where the idiots that always are on GrønKoncert and the bigger gigs aren´t quick ennough to get tickets - then it´s real D-A-D.


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Posted: Fri, 2008-08-01 20:38

People mention things, that D-A-D does live:

Laust flying,
Stig's fire
the running around,
battles of drums/guitar,

As cool stuff.

I must admit, YES, the first 2 or 3 times i saw it, I thought, FUCK YEAH!

But now, 8 years after they began it, I don't see the whole big thing in it, but as HolmC or Osaka wrote: "for people seeing them for the first time, it awesome". (or something like that)
And yeah, you're totally right, cause people seeing this for the first time, can't help thinking it's the absolute best thing.

BUT, all of us in here, we've seen them atleast 10 times by now, maybe 20... Maybe more. And my own personal view on the Green Concert shows, wasn't that they were bad, but that it was a very ordinary show from them. They didn't do anything out of the ordinary or anything.

That Laust came flying out, has been seen before. In Forum, with a Saxofon (VERY COOL btw), on the SY tour he didn't fly, but came drivin out to the audience. So in my opinion, it wasn't anything new, and didn't make me think WOW!

I've mentioned it many times before, and I do think, they seem like a band, there is a bit stuck.

The Sleeping my day EVER lasting version, ISN'T cool anymore, and no, the beer doesn't make it better. Jacob is an absolute fantastic guitarist, with a signature way of playing guitar. But a solo in every song? Sometimes solo on 2-3 minutes? Then the amazing thing maybe vanishes a little. Cause you don't go home after the show and pull out several different moments of a D-a-d concert, cause there aren't many anymore. There are those mentioned:

Laust flying,
Stig's fire
the running around,
battles of drums/guitar

I would love that d-a-d tried to make an album, with lesser solos, with more bridges, with MANY more riff's as on EG, and really making a different album, as they did with EG.

I wasn't amazed at Green Concerts this year. Last time d-a-d really blew me off my feet was in forum 2002 (and 2000). When Aqua had finished their show, I found myself thinking "how are the guys gonna top this?"

Cause they had videos, more effects, and not solos in every song, or something... When a solo finally came, you were like YEAH!

It's not a surprising moment in their songs anymore.

And for the new stuff, Roxity is the best, but still it's missing a lot. Either they should hire and extra guitarist for the background (i'll be killed for saying that), but Jacob's guitar alone in that song, made it too thin in the sound.

For Money always takes the place of life, and Beautiful together, I find Money as a very ordinary song, i don't sing along to it at all, and jesper and jacob plays the same, while stigge just brings the same bass tones... So is quickly gets boring... Where's the riff? And please don't mention the solo as the riff, cause again, they should cut it away..

Then you got beautiful together. An okay chorus actually, loving some of it, but again, the start and verse is missing a riff, or something to lift the song, and again, why do they play the same in the chorus. BUT this time that had some brudge, liked that!! Very much! It was NEW! And then came a solo, which i btw thought was okay. Didn't ruin anything.

Another positive thing was that It's after dark, FINALLY was let back in the dark (very poetic :S). Every concert was without a surprise at the end... Now finally you didn't know when they were gonna stop. As in 2002 with Human Kind, which was B.E.A-UTIFUL! Amazing that night.

I would love to see the guys bring back some monitors,, find out how to re invent their sound live maybe (as Aqua really had. It was a rock show many times!) try to cut out some solos, try to make laust drum solo a part of a song, in 30 seconds, or something. Make us go WOW again. I don't know. I would find it fascinating if i were them, to try and figure out where to go now...

D-a-d is almost getting to be the danish Rolling stones, and the Stones, isn't only the 4 on stage... They are A LOT, and it wouldn't kill to see d-a-d with some choir in some songs... And extra guitarist, so jesper can concentrate singing more. Maybe some keyboard effects?

No matter what, if there were 50 people on stage, it would still be the 4 fantastic guys we would look at, and listen mostly to.

But D-a-d has become a little As common as... Them selves...

Their best album is 8 years old, SD was also good tough, but SY had 2-3 new d-a-d classics, and some songs i had a hard time figuring out...

My point of view.

But no matter what, they are not bad. But i don't hope that they will keep in this track many more years, they've been riding the same one for 5-6 years now, if you ask me.

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Posted: Sun, 2008-08-10 00:01

Go and se Infernal!! What a show! Fantastic!!!

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Posted: Sun, 2008-08-10 04:03

Nothing is boring...

If you dont like it, dont go, its really THAT simple!

I dont see the same movie 10 times...well, if its a movie I like I might hit 10 after a few years. I know whats happening, how it ends, but I still enjoy it.

Same thing with a concert. Its NOT DADs fault that I saw them 3 times on the GC tour. Should they change (set or setlist), cauz I "might" be in the audience? No.

If one dosnt like reprises, just see them once a tour...

Dont think I dont want them to move forward, I do. And I think they are (stage wise). Just wait untill the "real" tour comes around, it will be much better...Im sure of it. You cant judge only on the GC tour as they had to share the stage. BUT I also think Aqua did a GREAT job (as written in another thread).
As long as they dont turn Gospel...

BUT, I do agree on some more ROCK songs Smiley-wink

And it could be nich to hear a few of the "old" ones as well, as:
True Believer
Smart Boy Can't Tell Ya
Makin' Fun Of Money
Riskin' It All
Ill Will

Been a long time since Ive heard them live (as I recall ATM).

Not to mention a few tracks from the best damn DAD album: HelpYourSelFish Smiley-wink

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Posted: Sun, 2008-08-10 22:56



Ps: What have Aqua made different from last we saw them at Green? Well, she dosen´t spin around as at the last Green but othervise nothing. D-A-D had two new songs. Great - and they didn´t sound like the other songs they´ve made - maybe a little - but so what.
People dosen´t get surprised? Why? Because much has been written about their stage show - then it´s not a surprise.

I saw them 3 times at Green - it was great although I knew what would happen - cause I like the band, and if I really wan´t to see action I´ll go in the cinema or in the circus.

Besides - their show was much different in Luxembourg.


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C'mon.... Think it's a fair opinion to have about d-a-d. No one said they hated them...

It's cool with you guys, who goes there 3 times at the GC gigs, I wouldn't.

I've seen Rolling Stones 3 times, and Bruce Springsteen 3 times.. And they've always delivered the music differently at the shows. No concert has looked like the other.

I'm not worried THAT much about D-a-d's live shows in the future, I sure hope they'll make something new, what I'm more worried about, is their new songs...

EG has so many melodies, and so did SD. Jacob played something new in every song, and not just chords all the way, which I think is the best way for them.
The 1900 riff, the Evil twin riff, Road Below me, something good, soft dogs, what's the matter, truth about you etc. All songs with so much melody... I didn't catch that in the new ones, or on SY. SY had 2-3 songs with it.

I miss some really good material from the boys Smiley-midget Never understood why SD got so bad reviews, amazing album. (gaffa gave it 6/6 tough)

But again, it's a new style from them, I was just more into the old stuff...

I think their next album will tell me, if I should go see them again. Right now I've seen it all from them at the moment, through the past 6 years, I think. And the only reason I'm saying that, is because I've seen them do SOOO much more, so I just hope they get back on that track...