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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 01:02

What a GRRRRREAT show! Really! First Sebastian with some beautiful songs, and then the king of them all: TIM CHRISTENSEN!!! ooooh god, he was great.. Such a great guy!
But D-A-D did it very, very well too. Thou' Jesper missed some of the lyrics in Road below me.. But a great show, and what a pleasant surprise to see Kristoffer Sonne in the drumsolo with Laust. Smiley-laugh
The highlight of the evening from my point of view was that when I went out smoking, Tim Christensen came to me and said: "Hey Crappe, how are you?". That was fucking awesome Smiley-laugh
And then I smoked some weird stuff (angelface) with the trombone-player from Bugpowder. Cool guy.

Really a great evening - and nice to say hello to Søren (Osaka), Kristoffer Steen and madam Hindhede. Smiley

But I must admit that Tim was the biggest star tonight (besides Laust of course :-)) - I love that guy!

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 02:41

Yeah it's was so cool to experience a drumduel between the Sonne brothers!!!+!

I think they both were/are very good drummers

I was (in about 10 minutes) 1 meter left for Søren Berlev (the drummer from the legendary rockband Gasolin') Smiley-laugh

It was nice to meet you Written In Water Smiley
Thanks for the DVDs you gave me Smiley-laugh

It was a great evening!!!+!

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 03:26

Yes absolutley a fucking rocking kiss ass great show Smiley-laugh My oh my.. that Laust Sonne sure does kick his ass out of his pants with that energy he has..Wow! I guess that there's no doubt about that D-A-D has the worlds greatest drummer with a huge talent in music Smiley-laugh I'm speachless & amazed...
haha I found it quite funny to see some of the D-A-D fans faces when Bugpowder played.. You could really see in their eyes that this musicstyle wasn't their taste..

My highlight tonight was that a Prof. ( I guess) photographer bought me 2 beers and I didn't even ask for it Smiley-laugh What a kind man...

My "this sucks" tonight was my pictures.. I seriously think that the pics that I took is some of the worst that I ever took.. I was so disapointed even though I was standing in a great position, it didn't make my view better when Jesper moved his mic to the center of the stage, cause that meant that everytime I took a picture I would only get Jesper from the side . I really love taking photo's, it has actually become some kind of a hobby to me..But this night wasn't my night Smiley-sad Hell with it, cause I enjoyed the show very much indeed Smiley-laugh

Thanks to the people that I met, Søren, WIW, Thomas, a very drunk Christina hm hmm.. and the other guy, which I've forgotten the name of...sorry... I had a great time Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 07:43

I had the best time Ever!!! Was standing in the left side in perfect position (except when Bugpowder played)
Not even that b****, who tried getting closer by saying she was with the band, could ruin my mood...

The respons to Laust's other bands was funny.
I had heard Bugpowder last week and was looking forward to Dear, but I could see that several of the others looked strange when especially Bugpowder played Smiley-midget

Saw a few other netpets and got my fingers on Cobber's setlist Smiley-midget Marlboro Man is spelled Marbro Mand... Smiley-midget-laugh
Highlight of the evening: Dicte and Laust singing "Hush Now", sooooo sweet...

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 07:56

... and oh my god I just love "Money" - it's such a hit!!!

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 09:12

I had a very great time too....... It was so nice to see how Laust just love to play music......... And even though Bugpowder was a bit strange, i think that Laust make some awesome music.

Sebastian was a nice start and Tim Christensen did really kick off the show........ So Great!

A night with some really good music and of cause the opportunity to get clear that Laust is a very talented musician.


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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 09:35

super greaat evening...!! I won't continue saying the same as everbody in here about how the gig was..I only got one word: fantastic!!

Insted I would like to say thanks to Crappe, WIW, Tina, Kuld and so on, for a little talk with you all... and thanks WIW for the dvds- they are great!! Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 18:41

Well, I am not at all jealoux.. :P

God I hate that I could'nt go.. noooo.. but I'm glad to hear it was a good show!

Do any of you know if it's going to be shown in the TV?? I would very much like to see it!

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 19:07

The set-list (as I remember;-)):

Road Below Me
Scare Yourself
Evil Twin
Marlboro man (Fantastic with Kristoffer!!)

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Champen (not verified)

Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 19:47

FANTASTISK !!! Smiley-laugh

Many great bands, but stil they guys who did best Smiley-wink

Gratz Laust !!

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 21:07

Has anyone of you seen some reviews or pictures from yesterday? (Besides Tinas pictures)

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 22:45

Tv2 got some pictures:

But haven't seen any reviews yet...

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-08 22:58

hehe Jep and you can see me here, right behind Jespers back with my camera


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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 07:20

I had a great evening! It's was so great :P

I stood the best place :P Right in front of Stigge :P I kinda took his set-list when the guys were done ;)

It was awsome too see the Sonne Brothers in Marlboro Man :P Wauw:P

Great evening.. :P

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 13:46

Great evening in Amager Bio!

Crappe: Do you know the last song Tim C played? Don't think I have heard it before..

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 14:46

Girl Nation... were you standing right my drunk (hehe) friend Christina or right beside a little boy??

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 15:18

I was standing between Christina and the little boy ( My babybrother) Smiley-midget-laugh

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 15:47

Keller -> Yes sir.. It's a coverversion of The Bealtes - Hey Bulldog. He also played it back in 2000/2001 as I recall Smiley
Damn nice version of it - totally rock'n'roll! Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 16:05

GirlNation... Then it must have been you that I talked with?? Am I right or wrong..

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 16:11

Your right ;)

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Anonymous (not verified)

Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 16:36

GirlNation.. Nice to meet you then Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-09 17:24

nice to meet u too Tina ;)

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Posted: Wed, 2007-10-10 23:35


Here's a review (in danish) of the Ken Gudman-show, and I must say that I just looove reading reviews from Steffen Jungersen. He's so hard and honest.. And I must admit that I TOTALLY AGREE in his view on Cobber and Stig, and especially in his last lines of the review (the thing about Tim).. Tim really was the highlight of the show!! Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Thu, 2007-10-11 00:15

Great review... Have to agree on the part about Cobber and Stig too though.

Stig was a lot more alive then he was last time in Odense, but it's getting old, just walking around on stage with his strage costumes. (Love them, but still....)
Even more when they aren't playing any of the songs he's singing in (After dark, riding with Sue...)

Cobber still got a look that can make most girls melt ;) , but it would be nice to see him smile once in a while Smiley-midget Just a little...

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Posted: Sat, 2007-10-13 18:31

So cool!!!!I was in the first row...i really enjoy..it was cool coming from Italy to see the last gig of the their tour..

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Posted: Sun, 2007-10-14 16:18

Well, I, as everyone of you here had a great time at the KGS.

I was located by Lausts family and friends. I came in a bit late, so I had to retreat to the upper balcony Smiley-midget

A big SHOUT out goes to Kristoffer Steen, Osaka and Tina...

I didnt bring my cam as I was going on vacation 4 hours after the show was over. BUT I did record a bit on my digi cam in OK quality...

If you wanna see it, check out these links:
Laust getting the award:

Laust and brother Kristoffer drumming on Marlboro Man:

Dont know why this video is so damn pixalated, cauz I used the same convertion settings... hmm...

And if all goes very well, there is also a liverecording on the way from the entire evening Smiley-midget

What a great night!

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Anonymous (not verified)

Posted: Sun, 2007-10-14 17:13

Ahh thank you WIW Smiley-tongue You're such a true believer... Now I know why you found me in the middle of the crowd hehe Smiley-laugh Take a lool at the Paperazzi girl down in the corner hehe...

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Posted: Sun, 2007-10-14 19:52

The video of Marlboro Man is about 1min longer as I recall, but I had to cut it down to make it fit YouTubes 10min rule.

Im starting work on the audio later tonight, unless I fall alseep. Its been a long ass 36+ hours.

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Rasmussen (not verified)

Posted: Mon, 2007-10-15 00:51

As long as Cobber plays that guitar so fantastic I don't really care if he smiles. Still the coolest guitar player ever ;-)=

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Posted: Mon, 2007-10-15 21:46

Just got done with the Sebastian and Tim C set.

Sad to say that the Seb set is missing the last song, Du Er Ikke Alene (You're Not Alone), but everything else is there...

Tomorrow I start doing the BugPowder and Dear set.

If anyone has a setlist for the other bands, please let me know, so I can lable the songs right.

I have the setlist from DAD. I got Jespers set list Smiley-midget

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-16 11:24

Hi WIW. I'm very interested in the Tim C. part.. Smiley Gimme, gimme, gimme!!! Smiley-wink
And by the way, Tim played:
- 21st century high
- Falling to pieces
- Isolation here I come
- Get the fuck out of my mind
- Hey Bulldog (Beatles cover)

Don't think he played more than these 5 songs.. But i'm not sure Smiley And I don't know if it's in this order.

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Posted: Tue, 2007-10-16 18:42

The recording is split into 3CDs:
1CD: Sebastian and Tim C
2CD: BugPowder and Dear

If you log on to MSN Ill send you a "taste" of it Smiley-midget-laugh

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Posted: Thu, 2007-10-25 19:12

Great show..

Think money was the best played number that evening.. Sebastian , -du er ikke alene.. nice..

Jesper Walked wright next to me, it was nice to see him.. He was standing right next to me, on the floor, but still, he's a star!..

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Posted: Sat, 2007-11-03 14:02

A photo series from D.A.D's great performance at the Ken Gudman Memorial Concert at Amager Bio on 7. October 2007, can be viewed at www.eric-photo.dk.

I've tried to make a complete set list and a musicians credit list as well.
If anyone can correct or add to the lists please contact me at:

Best wishes

Eric Klitgaard
photographer / art director

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Posted: Wed, 2007-12-12 18:00

Just saw it today..



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Posted: Wed, 2007-12-12 22:40

Yes, that was very cool night!

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Posted: Mon, 2008-02-04 23:19

Just found this old thread...

Im working on the Dear section right now, and will do the DAD part tomorrow if all goes well. So expect a 3CD set from this great night any day now.

Anyone wanna make a cover for it?

CD I: Sebastian and Tim C
CD II: Bugpowder and Dear
CD III: Dear and DAD

I tried to get the backstage pass photo as a cover, but the dude from Lausts family never sent it to me...

@Curly Girl:
JDP had all my DVDs, and he came by with them sunday, so Ill make them this weekend. Sorry for the wait...

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Posted: Mon, 2008-02-04 23:49

No problem honey, there's no rush. I'm just glad you remembered!


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Posted: Tue, 2008-02-05 00:08

Hey CG,

Sounds good.

Well, I just finished the DAD part as well... So now burning it is all that remains Smiley

Anyone wanna trade this show?

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La la la (not verified)

Posted: Tue, 2008-02-05 16:04

, and then the king of them all: TIM CHRISTENSEN!!! ooooh god, he was great.. Such a great guy!

Hahah .. LOL

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Posted: Tue, 2008-02-05 21:31

The shows to you will go out tomorrow (wednesday), so hopefully you will have them before the weekend.

I made 10 DVDs I think it was. Two shows were 2DVD sets, so around 8 diff sets are on their way to you.

Rock On!