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Posted: Fri, 2007-09-21 19:12

Just can't can't CAN'T stop playing this wonderful song. It's so matches my mood right now. But I notice that it's an 'extra' track for the international version (of SY)

My CD is from Germany, I think. Does that mean that you guys in Denmark don't have this beautiful haunting song? Why would that be?

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Posted: Fri, 2007-09-21 19:42

yes it's true - it's not on the danish CD's!!

i think it's available in iTunes or something though..

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Posted: Sat, 2007-09-22 09:41

Well the boys are known for adding x-tra or special tracks to their international editions. For example "last mango in paris" and "I'm a little cloud" from the japanese version of EG.

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Posted: Sat, 2007-09-22 10:15

Yeah, I know about Last Mango etc. But why? Why give your international fans something extra instead of your 'home' fans? And especially when it's as good as 'you filled my head'?

Or are these tracks gifts for us because we can't get to the live gigs as much? Questions questions! Smiley

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Posted: Sat, 2007-09-22 11:23

Regarding the Japanese bonus tracks, the boys have explained that import discs are cheaper there, and thus regular discs need to contain something extra to give them a reason to buy at full cost. Don't know about the international versions though.


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Posted: Sat, 2007-09-22 14:02

I never really could see the point in putting an extra track on some versions of an album, besides making more money, because the hardcore fans would want to own both.

But of course, Danni could have a point Smiley

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Posted: Tue, 2007-09-25 18:00

The thing is, that you can get the singles in your country too! And, we, people from outter space, only have the regular cd`s, and only sometimes.