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(01:48:21) guest:

Monumental power :):):)

(06:42:18) Azda:

listen to the podcast P6 elsker D-A-D - 6 hours of D-A-D: https://www.dr.dk/radio/p6beat/p6-beat-elsker-radio/p6-beat-elsker-d-a-d...

(06:42:18) Molly:


(08:24:10) Azda:

booking for Monsters of Rock Cruise 2020 in February opening soon: https://monstersofrockcruise.com/booknow/

(08:24:34) Azda:

just announced: tour in Finland in October - check out https://dad.dk/tour

(08:24:34) Molly:


(11:51:09) Azda:

Molly - you're the first one to know: https://d-a-d.dk/news/pre-order-new-album-signed

(11:51:09) Molly:


(14:52:37) Paul Sørensen:

Out of stock...was it a limited edition?

(13:27:32) guest:

theres my dad

(15:58:28) lbfc:

When do I receive the cd's I have ordered

(19:49:39) Azda:

lbfc - as soon as we have 1. got them from the record company 2. had them signed by the band 3. put them all in their packages 4. shipped them - sorry, can't tell exact date, but we'll do our best! Smiley-midget

(19:50:12) Azda:

warm up concert in Ringsted May 23, tickets on sale from tomorrow Tuesday at 10:00: https://www.ticketmaster.dk/event/RIN2305?language=da-dk

(19:17:59) guest:

It's after dark now & Disneyland is closed

(19:17:59) Molly:

Disneyland is closed - but I had no beer?! Moooh!

(19:18:16) guest:

Beer? Eat grass!

(19:18:16) Molly:

I prefer hay, thank you - mooh!

(19:18:16) Molly:

Grass? For me? Thank you - mooh!

(17:03:27) Azda:

Molly...! Smiley-laugh