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(19:42:12) Azda:

fingers crossed for a new tour date in September: Suvilahti, Helsinki September 4 - tickets: https://www.livenation.fi/artist/d-a-d-tickets

(19:42:12) Molly:


(20:17:36) Azda:

four ooooold photos from Finland in 1986(yes): https://d-a-d.com/photos/club-ky-exit-helsinki-1986

(20:17:36) Molly:


(14:50:31) Azda:

two badges in the archive: https://www.d-a-d.dk/archive/promo-stuff-and-merchandise - thank you, Paul! Smiley-midget

(14:50:31) Molly:


(18:49:52) Azda:

new Evil Twin cover from France, made with love and for fun by The Nucleons Project: https://www.d-a-d.dk/archive/covers

(18:49:52) Molly:

''Today I woke up screaming, hello my evil twin!'' Mooooh!

(18:49:52) Molly:


(11:13:49) Azda:

Jesper (with Søren Andersen) on writing of D-A-D songs, in Danish: https://youtu.be/JqM4ITqXNbE

(11:13:49) Molly:


(16:32:22) guest:

Hello, any news, Is Helsinki Suvilahti concert happening September 4.

(16:32:22) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(20:40:31) Martin (guest):

Gad godt eje: Svare yourself Alive dvd'en men kan ikke finde den nogle steder Smiley-sad

(10:55:30) Azda:

Helsinki - please check with the venue (Suvilahti) Smiley

(21:56:03) Azda:

Helsinki - postponed, new date May 21, 2021

(21:59:29) Azda:

Full Metal Holiday - postponed to 2021

(06:12:51) Azda:

hello Molly Smiley-tongue

(06:12:51) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(12:58:05) Azda:

Sleeping cover, Brothers Moving: https://youtu.be/8BVCHVuSD-I Smiley-midget-laugh