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(11:20:57) Azda:

Neil - same here Smiley

(11:21:10) Azda:

Aalborg tonight!

(05:43:08) Azda:

Vejle - are you ready? Smiley-tongue

(08:30:59) Azda:

Skive...? Have a blast!

(08:57:32) Azda:

And tonigh - Viborg!

(08:57:57) Azda:

tonighT...! Smiley-tongue

(12:10:04) veronica (guest):

Where can I get tickets to your oz tour, and the meet and greet? And another thing a huge request, could you guys please play true believer when you come down under.

(18:10:01) Azda:

veronica - find oz tickets here: https://metropolistouring.com/d-a-d-2020/

(18:10:01) Molly:


(21:51:59) veronica (guest):

the link to buy tickets is not working, maybe its frozen like me atm, frosty morning

(04:14:57) veronica (guest):

Last I heard oz won't be allowing international travellers in until mid 22, heres hoping thats not the case, they let tennis players in from all over the world, why not bands, but still the 14 day hotel quarantine remains.

(07:08:08) veronica (guest):

oh, and one more thing, or should I say another request, burning star, love to hear that live, ok I'll zip it, I've raved on enough.

(09:04:04) Azda:

veronica - can't promise, but I think chances are good for Burning Star on the setlist Smiley

(09:04:40) Azda:

Copenhell 2022 - D-A-D By Request, submit favorite songs for the setlist here: https://www.d-a-d-by-request.com/1/

(09:04:40) Molly:


(10:40:44) Azda:

veronica - rightclicking on the link should make i work... I hope Smiley-midget

(10:42:56) Azda:

regarding chances for the tour to take place in 2021, there's nothing else to do atm than cross fingers...

(11:42:39) Azda:

some snapshots from Viborg are in a gallery here: https://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/comvent-arena-viborg-2021

(11:42:39) Molly:


(11:43:43) Azda:

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