D-A-D is a rock music band that appeared at the beginning of the 1980s in Copenhagen, Denmark. The group was first known as Disneyland After Dark, but the name has changed after a prospective lawsuit between D-A-D and the Walt Disney Company. The band debuted in 1985, and they have been playing for more than twenty years now. They have changed just one member of the group.

The band's history

D-A-D became internationally recognized in 1989. The band's name has been changed from D.A.D and D:A:D to D-A-D. The rock band was founded by three young people - Stig Pedersen, Jesper Binzer, and Peter Lundholm Jensen. Stig is a bass-player, Jesper – sings and plays the guitar, and Peter is a drummer.

The rock band's members have started their career based on the pessimistic and pompous attitude that most punk musicians had. These three young men's goal was to bring some happiness into the songs and live performances. They have come up with a kind of funny music. D-A-D has brought something unique and exclusive in the music's world. The year of 1983 was probably the most difficult for these young men as they had a lot of things on their plates. They studied in high-school, gave concerts, rehearsed, worked on their cowpunk image, and wrote songs. They just wanted one thing – to become famous rock stars.

D-A-D's music and discography

D-A-D's primary goal was to come up with something that will overcome punk musicians and their audience's pessimistic and arrogant attitude. Another style they are recognized for is cowpunk, while the lyrics are inspired by real stories.

The rock band has eleven albums altogether since their breakthrough. The first one was in 1986 called CALL OF THE WILD, and the latest one was released in 2011, and it is called DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ARD.ARK. Further details about D-A-D's music are available here. Each album has the release date, producer, songs' names, lyrics, video, and to buy track option.

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