Deichbrand Festival , Tyskland

Hej alle sammen,
hvorvor spiller i ikke på stor scene? kun en lille piss scene.det er ikke i orden.
shit.....håber vi ses efter concert og ha en øl sammen...
War das Dänisch verständlich?
macht es gut på Deichbrand

Frankfurt 21.11.13

Oh no, what happend to the gig in Frankfurt/Germany? I was already so euphoric for it!

Savner jer drenge

Hej Drenge. Tak for sidst.Håber at i havde en god tur til Kina og USA.Savner jer rigtig
meget. Have en god sommer. Vi ses i 2014.


The concert in frankfurt (2013-11-21) has been canceled. Smiley-sad
Why? Alternate date?

Tak for en fed koncert i

Tak for en fed koncert i Skive d 7 juni, har efterhånden set D.A.D. mange gange, og bliver aldrig træt af hverken at se eller høre på jer
Ps næste gang jeg skal ud og fiske, skal jeg nok huske at bede til Laust ha ha ha

Vallarna Sverige

Äntligen dags för live igen med er! Min första koncert var Hultsfred-89. En häftig spelning med en grym scen. Jag stod nästan ensam kvar framför scenen och kallade fram er till ett andra extra nummer. De flesta var på väg att gå efter första extra. Men eftersom jag hade lyssnat på er innan visste jag att It´s after dark var kvar. Har haft er som favoritband sedan innan hultsfred. Har en önskelista med låtar från olika skivor som visar vilken bredd ni har som musiker. Skulle kunna göra den mycket längre...
Syns i Falkenberg!
Rock and roll på er øldrenger!!

Rock Hard Festival - Das war Liebe :-)

Thank you very much for the great show in Gelsenkirchen. Dankeschön! See you in Essen.
All the best,
Dennis - Dortmund - Germany

Great gig in Gelsenkirchen!

Great gig in Gelsenkirchen! The best show i've ever seen!! See you in Frankfurt/Batschkapp!!!

stigge bday

Happy birthday Stig, just be yourself, for me you`re Rock`n Roll !!!

I´m always there when I need You

Stig 48

Happy Birthday on the 18th, have a great day. Not as anxious as mine on the 20th which will the 50th! Beware!! As Sue said.....Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mike - Mölnlycke - Sweden

A New Age Is Moving In!

we want what laust got..

we want what laust got...super gig in hamburg.


on Saturday 11/5 Swedens only D-A-D tribute G-A-D/GrönalundAfterDark will peform at Hellbar/O´learys Sundbyberg

Rock on folks, cheers Smiley-midget !

Great Walls & Ways

Hi there, amazing pics from the the land of the great sun. I checked out "Vallarna" in Falkenberg, Sweden this weekend,(august gig Sweden). Not that great as the wall but I'm confident you'll make ways to make it huge when you get there. Gothenburg before that will be a blast!

All the best from

Mike - Mölnlycke - Göteborg - Sweden

A New Age Is Moving In!

Amazing evening/night in Shanghai

Thanks for an amazing evening and night in Shanghai! Chinese people do know how to headbang, however they need to learn how to shout; "We want what Laust's got"!!
Mikkel, Marie Louise and Simon



Göteborg 27/7

It's been a long time since I last saw you guys live, but now I've bought my ticket to see you and Electric Boys in Gothenburg, can't wait!

Norway please!!!

hallo D A D!
har et stort ønske om en Oslo konsert!! har sett dere på Rockefeller som var beste konsert ever! reiste til London her i mars for å se dere, og det var en kjempe opplevelse! så jeg med mange øsnker dere tilbake til Oslo a.s.a.p



Welcome to China! :)

I'm happy to learn you are visiting China the 30th, looking forward to it! Smiley-midget

Slade Rooms England

1 of the best gigs i have ever been to ! Been a fan since 1988 and will be for life !

Compliments to crew & band, right now in that order!

D-A-D Shop for being most kind the last month, thanks Majken. And of course the band for all great songs, Jesper, you rule man!!! Will surely have a campsite in the summer, wow! Rock'n'Roll rules!!!!!!!!!

All the best - Mikael - Sweden

A New Age Is Moving In!

Aalborg, please!

look guys, i know you've just been in Aalborg and it was awesome:)...BUT... i already miss you!! i miss some real Rock N Roll. I goddamn miss you D-A-D. so please come to Aalborg again and lets have a party!!

'I'm a True Believer, yes i am! you try to get me if you Caaaaaaaan Aaargh!!

mit Berlin meine Ick

mit Berlin meine Ick Smiley-wink

Servus , was ist Berlin ????

Servus :-), was ist Berlin ???? Schaut ihr diese Jahr mal wieder vorbei??? Grüße Thomas

1200 Kms from Mexico to D-A-D...

... and worth every single km to see them play in Houston.
The guys did a great show, the set was tight , the place small and the crowd just went wild. Laust beat the shit out of somebodyelse's drum kit, Jacob put on that weird hat and turned from nice guy to guitar god, Jesper sang his heart out and lead the audience into a frenzy, and Stig, well....he's just Stig, what else can you say about a guy who kicks ass with a two-string bass ?
After the show they hang out with the fans and transformed from rock stars to four cool guys who were more than willing to take pictures and have a drink with whomever asked them.
I bet D-A-D haven't seen two mexican guys headbanging with wrestling masks in their audience before, but to be fair my friend and I never had such a great time at a concert before either.
Muchas gracias guys !!!


After a 20 year wait I finally got to see one of my all time favorite bands at Webster hall in NYC. The venue and crowd were small and no doubt disappointing to the band, but they didn't show it. Instead they gave it 110%, put on a great two hour show, did two encores, and then all came out to meet their fans and say thanks for coming. Amazing. Congratulations guys your professionalism and respect for your fans is something you should be very proud of. Rick.

Thank You!

many thanks to the band for coming to New York and for the amazing shows! and also to Cobber,Jesper, Stig and Laust thank you for being the sweetest guys in the world! my friend and I came from Philadelphia to see both shows and were not disappointed!

New York Studio @ Webster Hall

Wow, man what a great club-gig! Haven´t seen for a long time such a hot, crazy and amazing gig!!! Congratulations guys and please "Extra-Nummer" :-))

islington uk

great gig guys great set come back to the uk soon please let us know if you guys are coming back to england in the near future.regards kev (rocketman)


Fucking fedt DAD kommer til NYC!!!!!!!!! See ya guys


asking as a crew guy took the setlist off security guy and handed me another saying this is same set,it wasn't as i know your library.seen islington set was it same as there ?


Can you show the setlist of wolverhampton gig please.

NY Fk'n City

Cantwait until u rock Webster Hall!!! Been waiting for this day to come hopefully u DAD can tour USA every year

23.02.2013 in Pratteln (CH)

It was a great concert, really amazing. I had so much fun during concert, great music, I'll come back the next time. Thanks for a nice evening.

Pratteln Z7

Hi Folks
Thank you for this great Concert last Saterday it was fantastic.
Please come back Smiley
Cheers Loris

Respect for your show for sleeping Memmingen

Hi Folks, had been to some of your concerts in Munich during the last years, decided to drive to Memmingen to see you live this year, too. Thanks for the show, I always love to see and listen to... but the sleeping audience in this hillbilly-city was crap. Sorry, this is not your German part!!! Hope to see you next time back in Munich with the audience you should play for. Otherwise, come to my living room, we will have a better funny party with some good friends and fans, you would prefer! Smiley hugs to all!

Sorry for this audience in memmingen

sorry for this lousy audience in memmingen,
in my 35 years of rock concerts i have never
seen such a shitty audience.

They were so apathetic as I have never seen it.

Komme gerade von eurem

Komme gerade von eurem Konzert im Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg. War ganz große Klasse,
was ihr uns da geboten habt. Hoffentlich sehn wir EUCH bald mal wieder hier!!!
Echt SUPER...hat richtig viel Spaß gemacht mit euch.

hey guys, after 15 plus years

hey guys, after 15 plus years husband gone for lust and money,lol looking for an encourageing word and pic from my best band. Hope you can send me something up here in canada, That would make my day, Love to you

Vi ses i Wolverhampton d. 1. marts!

Som dansker bosat i England - og så endda midt i landet, hvor der ikke er skyggen af andre danskere - var det fantastisk at opdage, at I kommer og spiller i Wolverhampton!

Jeg glæder mig til at præsentere min engelske kæreste for jeres musik, som har været soundtracket til min barn- og ungdom. I er lyden af dansk sommer, festival, fadøl og privatfester på det der tidspunkt, hvor man har det allersjovest!

Vi ses 1. marts. Det bliver en fest!

New York!!!

Hello! I've waited for D-A-D to come back to the US since they were here last in 1989!!! I saw them at a great club in Baltimore called Hammerjacks. It was the night before Thanksgiving and on our way to the show (a 90 minute drive) it started snowinng heavily. So as we rocked our asses off the snow outside just kept piling up. After the show we looked for the guys for autographs and after meeting them they asked if we wanted to hang at their hotel and attempt our drive home in the A.M. Needless to say we said Hell Yeah! We partied with them until dawn. It's a night I'll never forget. As we left they asked for some contact information which I gladly gave them. Dontcha know it, damn near every Christmas after that I'd get a gift in the mail from the one and only D-A-D!!! I've always wanted to thank them in person and now I'll finally be able to. Cheers!

Hyldest til 1.plads drengene.

I balancerer hovedkulds på alverdens ROCK, hver gang I spiller på jeres lyriske strenge

Jeres vrede kæft vælter udover hele scenekanten og hver tone I spiller er enkeltstående kvælertag på Jante og co.

Tak, for det.

I er gennemførte rockmusikere og med jeres sorte sne i munden og med jeres vovemod i brystet sprænger I den musikalske spændetrøje – og til sidst men ikke mindst; Helt uden at blinke langer I rocken ind på en 1.plads.

Tak for det!


Sidder med fødderne solidt plantet i himlen og lytter til Monster Philosophy;-) Tak, for mange års superb musik!!



Saa er vi 25 danskere der har koebt billet til jeres koncert paa BFE Rock Club i Houston.
Vi er saa klar - WE BRING OUR A-GAME....!


Florida Shows??!!

Would love it if you guys make it to Tampa!!!

Welcome to USA (Las Vegas, please!)

We are fans in Utah, USA! We just saw that you are coming to America! We hope you come further West! We could fly to NY (Amityville) but hope to meet you somewhere closer to our home. Yay! We will be watching for announcements of more shows!


Hey! Har lige fundet ud af i kommer til USA! Og er vildt over hyper over det:-P Jeg er kæmpe fan og rejser gerne fra Illinois for at se jer!!!! Men kan da lige book jer et show her i Illinois, jeg arbejder selv med bands og festivaler:-)

Aalborg 16-01-2013

Tak for en dejlig konsert i Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, dette var den første konsert jeg har oplevet jer i Danmark, men da jeg kommer fra Færøerne, var jeg selvfølgelig til begge jeres konserter der oppe. Hvor den i '99 var Laust's første live gig!! \m/

D-A-D & Jesper Binzer!

Jesper Binzer Rules! Wohoo!!!!!!!

A New Age Is Moving In!


hej.thx for x-mas card. loved it! hope to see you in sweden again this year!

English pub tour 2013

Wolverhampton tickets, check.
London tickets, check.
Flights from Finland, next...


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