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Fan creation #261

Martin Fyhn made a D:A:D rock. He polished it and carved D:A:D in it.

Fan creation #260

Background by Kristoffer Steen.

Fan creation #259

Molly logo by Morten Christensen.

Fan creation #258

iamreconstrucdead was in Spain in 2007. He was listening to Good Clean Family Entertainment You Can Trust and looked through the cover booklet. He found a picture of Cobber and drew it...

Fan creation #257

In Spain in 2007, while listening to D-A-D, iamreconstrucdead also made this drawing.

Fan creation #256


Fan creation #255

... and Benedizzle designed their own Helpyourselfish t-shirts...

Fan creation #254

The two t-shirts look very good together!

Fan creation #253

Marie a.k.a. sunstar* baked a cake while listening to D.A.D. And then she thought "why not decorate it with a little logo?" So she did...!

Fan creation #252

Drawing of Molly by Marie a.k.a. sunstar*.

Fan creation #251

Jeppe once gave 20 DKK to African children and got this little metal thing back. He thought it was a bit boring so he scratched a Molly skull on it. Now it's much nicer!

Fan creation #250

A photo of .... Molly by Jalmar!

Fan creation #249

Another painting by Martin Fyhn.

Fan creation #248

Disneyrocker aka Karlheinz Stefek from Austria made a roadtrip over Denmark last summer. While he was watching whales, he found some wood and a stone at the beach of the island Fyn (Funen)... - and made a longhorn skull out of it!

Fan creation #247

D.A.D logo by Morten Christensen.

Fan creation #246

Roger Larm's children Tobias, Louice, Malin and Jens gave their dad a very special gift on his 50th birthday: Laugh 'n' A 1/2.
Check it out here.

Fan creation #244

During a history lesson Morten G. Brodersen's (Net Pet m-g-b) rubber was transformed into a portrait of Molly...!

Fan creation #243

Kris Larsen didn't know what to do so he drew Molly.