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Fan creation #279

Fan creation #278

Anders Mathiesen sent a picture of his car to the Webtender. Guess why!

Fan creation #277

Morten Olsen ( used Tina Carstensen's pictures for a photo collage.

Fan creation #276

Picture by Mona Grundsøe.

"I am the photographer and maker of this picture, i thought maybe someday D.A.D could be interested to use it for a albumcover."

Fan creation #275

On a rather boring Monday Tina Carstensen started drawing pictures of the band members from her own photos: Cobber...

Fan creation #274

... Jesper...

Fan creation #273

... Laust...

Fan creation #272

... and finally Stigge Nasty!

Fan creation #271

Kristina Levin Christensen is very proud of her own Molly, which was signed by the band members (Stig drew a rocking horse) at the D-A-D Convention 2009 in Odense.
Kristina got the cow skull with hide and hair, buried it for a year, dug it up and boiled it clean before she gave it a finish and put it on the wall.

Fan creation #270

Christmas card by Tímea Erdélyi 2008.

Fan creation #269

Kenneth S. Morgen took this picture of Jacob Binzer's footprint, which still can be seen in Middelfart, Denmark.

Fan creation #268

As there, so far, is no D.A.D lingerie merchandise Tina Helbo had to make this delicate piece herself. A gift for a fan getting married.

Fan creation #267

Kenneth S. Morgen drew this in his holiday, and he calls it "D-A-D" through the ages. It's a drawing with the D-A-D logos
they have used, except their new one.

Fan creation #266

Nikolaj Kristensen's wallpaper, painted two years ago by Nikolaj's friend Jytte Andersen.

Fan creation #265

Monster mask by Tímea Erdélyi.

"This is a Hungarian 'Monster Mask' (busó mask), with Hungarian runes. Between the two horns You can find the name of the BAND with runic writing. (On the left hand side of the paper, below You can see the name of the mask with runes.)

The Hungarian runic writing is related to the Mesopotamian and Sumerian writing. We weren't using runic writing until the Catholicism was spread in Hungary in 10 - 11 th centuries. Before then we were using the Roman letters.

Fan creation #264

D-A-D collage by Kenneth S Morgen.

Fan creation #263

Inspired by the title of the new album and the setlist from Grøn Koncert, Morten Christensen used his creative skills to add some effects, resulting in this fan creation.

Fan creation #262

Michael "GF" Jørgensen made a drawing of Molly's meeting with a pirat, inspired by Pirates of the Carribean.