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Fan creation #318

Fan creation #317

Fan creation #316

Nathalie Piret got this wonderful Molly bar from three Danish Net Pet friends. Moooh!

Fan creation #315

Liza Norlén transformed the old chair she got from her father in law into a Molly chair!

Fan creation #314

Jani Salminen (aka DADdict) from the land of hibernation (i.e. Finland) writes:

"I'd like to share what I found for some time ago. Maybe this could be a new article for the webshop... ; )

It seems to use it's own time zone because it shows allways time: nineteenhundredandyesterday."

Fan creation #313

Good Clean Family Rabbit Jumping!

Provided by Lars ''Hammer'' Pedersen.

Fan creation #312

Stefan Rasmussen from Albertslund, Denmark, found an old canvas under his bed. Even though his friend's dog had peed on it, he decided to paint the original Molly on the canvas. But Stefan didn't have any brushes and no white paint. He had to use his fingers and car paint instead. After three hours this piece of art was finished.

Fan creation #311

Fanart, by EMFY, inspired by D-A-D's music video Lawrence of Suburbia.

"Take the mask off or you won't have anything left underneath it c:"

Fan creation #310

Rafael showing off his custom made D-A-D t-shirt.

Fan creation #309

Rafael proudly displaying his Molly cake - baked by him and his dad's girlfriend for his 9th birthday!

Fan creation #308

Kristina Levin Christensen has been busy in the kitchen lately, baking cow cookies with a lot of love in the light of a yellow beer. Kristina's father made the cookie cutters!

Fan creation #307

What you need for a good result...

Fan creation #306

Cows without horns waiting for a ride in the sauna.

Fan creation #305

Enjoying the heat...

Fan creation #304

Cows, cows, cows, beer - and in the background the waiting cow cookie box!

Fan creation #303

Kristian Sons writes:
I have a video we made years ago when I was still a student. It was a project for the university. It's (partly) a video for "Counting the cattle". Now it's rottening on my hard disk. Perhaps some fans could have fun seeing it.

Fan creation #302

"Desktop Molly - A desktop for a computer with a big molly and some small."

By Nicolai Levin Christensen aka Levin.

Fan creation #301

"Desktop Molly (LV) -  A desktop for a computer with a big molly and some small. The background in the big Molly is in Louis Vuitton."

By Nicolai Levin Christensen aka Levin.