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Fan creation #337

1. Torleif's autograph and drawing on Dorthe Balle Danielsen's shirt, from Grøn Koncert in Odense 2010.

Fan creation #336

2. Since then embroidered.

Fan creation #335

Masterpiece by Ekelund.

Fan creation #334

Old, dedicated fan Ricki from Roskilde spotted a Russian airplane, obviously belonging to an even more dedicated fan...!

Fan creation #333

Wallpaper by Nikkö.

Fan creation #332

Exclusive D-A-D cookies before...

Fan creation #331

... and after some time in the oven and a second encounter with the baking and icing artist Marius!

Fan creation #329

Another way to raise the value of your old Skoda - the hood of our car painted by GF's gf (Dorthe B. Danielsen).

Fan creation #328

Neck supporters from their former car, made by Dorthe B. Danielsen.

Fan creation #327

Christmas present 2009 from GF's in-laws.

Fan creation #326

Home made "Molly of the meadows" t-shirt. Design by Michael "GF" Jørgensen.

Fan creation #325

"Call of the Wild tribute event" crew t-shirt - design by Jeppe Kuld.

Fan creation #324

Home made "Original (cow)Punk" t-shirt. Design by Dorthe B. Danielsen.

Fan creation #323

"Molly of the Meadows", painting by Michael "GF" Jørgensen.

Fan creation #322

Molly sculpture made of toiletpaper and wire. By Michael "GF" Jørgensen.

Fan creation #321

"A little drawing of my first meeting with the band."
By Ditte Bendixen/BanDitte.

Fan creation #320

Net Pet Zoe's mum turned 50 last year, September 2009, and of course Zoe had to make her a Molly cake to celebrate it with!

Fan creation #319

Three photos of a t-shirt made by TheMarlboroman.