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Fan Creation #355

Janne's bar, detail. The drumstick is from Skogsröjet in Sweden, 2011.

Fan creation #354

Steffi Witt (EmmesMum) finally got her VW Golf3 tuned up with some wise words!

Fan creation #353

Sarah Rademacher and her friend made a cake for D-A-D when they played in Hamburg March 3, 2012.

Fan creation #352

The birthday cake by Sarah Rademacher and her friend, close up.

Fan creation #351

Steffi Witt (EmmesMum) got her clock (see below) signed by the band in Hamburg March 3, 2012.

Fan creation #350

Custom cover for the single I Want What She's Got by Joey Cruel.

Fan creation #349

Drawing, 100% handmade with pencils and erasers, by Rie Clemmensen.

Fan creation #348

Can Creation Magnifico by Frede Rahbek Jensen.

Fan creation #347

(Not really a fan creation, but a creation seen through the eyes of a fan :-))

Martin from Kiel writes:

I found this picture in my local newspaper.It shows a sculpture from the french artist Nicolas Rubinstein and is titled:"Micky is also a rat".I think it`s very "D-A-D-ish" and it reminds me of Stig´s silver waistcoat, he wears at the 2010-Tour.

Fan creation #346

Unfortunately Anders Mathiesen's red Mazda with Molly on the back (see below), died in an accident, but as he fixed his new car, a new idea was born...

Fan creation #345

Anders Mathiesen's car, close up...

Fan creation #344

Steffi Witt (EmmesMum) writes:
"Today has been a boring day for me, so I made myself a DIC.NII.... Clock."
A good way to spend a boring day!

Fan creation #343

D-A-D Poster @ Kare Shop Zürich. Allan writes:
"I thought I'd post a picture of our little shop in Zürich, where we have decorated a corner in chalet style. I just had to put up the new poster there..."

Fan creation #342

TheEvilTwin (Rasmus Højberg) has made and designed this D-A-D Christmas cone, which can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Rasmus writes: "And I was wondering, if it could come up on the website under Fan creations? Because then everyone of the NetPets has a christmas decoration for their christmas tree."

Fan creation #341

Kristina Levin Christensen got a wonderful housewarming gift from a friend. She had it signed by the band at the instore in Aarhus.

Fan creation #340

An idea for new merchandise...?

Fan creation #339

Caroline Lundqvist writes: "I made this creation after the signing yesterday in Aarhus. Stig was very kind to write the song title on my drawing."

Fan creation #338

Happy Halloween to you all 2011, by Ekelund.