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Fan Creation #373

Fan art by Julez Antoine.

Fan Creation #372

Handmade hat made by Veronica Rhoads (Nicka Vlandis) especially for the Moscow show May 11, 2014.

Fan Creation #371

Hege Westberg made this fantastic birthday cake for her D.A.D fan of a boyfriend, Kenneth, who turned 40 in March 2014.

fan creation #370

Drawing by Sofie Christensen.

fan creation #369

Drawing by Sofie Christensen.

Fan creation #368

Paul Olafsen from Australia writes: "i found this picture going through some of my old school stuff. I think i did it around 1989/1990 copied it from a t-shirt i hadat the time and put it on my school bag. We were not allowed to have graffitti on our school bags, but i managed to get away with it as i called it a mural!
This one here is coloured with pencils and outlined in black fine point markers. (I have a hazy memory of doing this in maths classes!)"

Fan creation #367

T-shirt by Noëlle!

"The front is a tribute to the band DAD, I drew a circle by entering the 11 official albums the group.
The back is with the old comic-band members, early in their career."

Fan creation #366

Molly for the Christmas tree, by Kristoffer Steen and his helper.

Fan creation #365

Tom writes:

OK, it's not really my creation. But i was so sad, that you don't sell the iPhone Cover for the Version "5" that i had to get one for myself. Found a little printshop here in Passau, Bavaria, they do a really good job in these things.
So i took one of your "Tattoo yourself" pictures and got it print on an iPhone 5 Backcover. They print it on aluminium, so it feels very solid and stable and just looks great.
Hopefully i get it signed of you guys next time your are in Germany on tour (any dates yet?).

Fan creation #364

When Steffi Witt (EmmesMum) came home late at night after the show at Hörnbühne in Kiel (where she had her car signed: Fan Creation #363) she found a drawing her six year old daughter had made for her, with some help from the babysitter.

The drawing shows a D-A-D sign, Steffi's dog (her daughter knew she brought him) and two Molly skulls (above the D-A-D sign and left to it).

Fan creation #363

Steffi Witt (EmmesMum) not only have some No Fuel lyrics on her car (Fan Creation #354). Now she also have had the sun visor signed by the boys!

Fan creation #362

T.A.D, Tortoises After Dark - by Annakiki and Federico.

Fan creation #361

This wonderful credit card was used at the merchandise stand at one of the concerts in Falconer Salen in April.

Fan Creation #360

Janne in Sweden has built a bar in his basement. The whole bar is inspired by Molly, the D.A.D logo.

Fan Creation #359

Janne's bar, detail.

Fan Creation #358

Janne's bar, detail.

Fan Creation #357

Janne's bar, detail.

Fan Creation #356

Janne's bar, detail.