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Tattoo #022

Michael from Copenhagen has this fish with shadow on his arm!

Tattoo #021

... another picture of the fish.

Tattoo #020

Johan Häger from Solna, Sweden has this large skull on his back!

Tattoo #019

The work above in progress!

Tattoo #018

Christian "Loke" Vestergaard had Torleif draw on his arm on the P3-bus on May 25, 2000, and the drawing was converted to a permanent one!

Tattoo #017

A fish on Jens Gunnarsson, Sweden :-)

Tattoo #016

Marcel "Capt. Spacehead" Denkhaus from Germany has this nice one...

Tattoo #015

Robert V. from Landskrona, Sweden shows his D:A:D tatoo.

Tattoo #014

Pasi Pauanne from Finland shows his tatoo (made by Hyke Tiitinen from Helsinki, Finland)

Tattoo #013

One more picture showing Pasi's tatoo.

Tattoo #012

Mica sent in this picture of his friend Jan's tatoo (made by Dischy's Tattoo Shop in Rheineck, Switzerland).

Tattoo #011

Thomas P. Svensson

Tattoo #010

Craig Brennan from Darwin, Australia has that Helpyourselfish look!

Tattoo #009

Picture of Duncan Curnows cool tatoo!

Tattoo #008 more.

Tattoo #007

Brian Gram from Sdr. Felding shows his cowskull at the Grøn Koncert 1998 in Vejle.

Tattoo #006

Picture taken at the Grøn Koncert 1998 in Odense, a tattooed fan in the front row - Kim "OVERMUCH" Olesen!

Tattoo #005

Picture taken at the Grøn Koncert 1998 in Esbjerg.