Archive D-A-D Related Tattoos


Tattoo #059

Søren from Roskilde with his new fish. Tattoo-Mike made it.

Tattoo #058

Bruce Strickland from Pearcedale, Australia, took a photo of the Jihad video and gave it to his tattooist who did a mighty fine job of his tattoo. The only modification is the midi gun that Stig is holding.

Tattoo #057

Renato Selvaggi from New Jersey, U.S.A., gave Molly some company on his tattoo.

Tattoo #056

Molly tattoo on an anonymous back.

Tattoo #055

Petri Juola got his new helpyourselfish-tattoo at "House of Pain Tattoo" in Oulu, Finland.

Tattoo #054

Jesper got this tattoo a couple of months ago. He thinks D.A.D is the best band in the world and is very glad to have a D.A.D tattoo!

Tattoo #053

Michael got this D.A.D tattoo December 16, 2006 and he hasn't seen it on anybody else yet. He is happy to get this tattoo as his first because D.A.D have been there all his life and will always be now!

Tattoo #052

For her birthday in August, her husband and her two girls gave Marianne this tattoo of Molly. Marianne is so proud of it!

Tattoo #051

Malin Larm from Delsbo, Sweden, has a cowskull tattoo on her shoulder.

Tattoo #050

Petri from Oulu, Finland, added D*A*D to his old Molly tattoo (see below).

Tattoo #049

Gregers Pedersen likes his new D.A.D tattoo very much.

Tattoo #048

Jesper Schneider Christensen is very proud of his tattoo. It was designed by Stig Pedersen in GUF May 3, 2006. Four guys now have tattoos like this one.

Tattoo #047

Frederikke Ravn/zcmi_girl has a skull on her back.

"I've always wanted a tattoo with their logo and during my stay in Sydney, Australia I got this one made. So now you are famous in Australia as well,he kept the drawing and hung it on his wall so it became a part of his selection of drawings:)"

Tattoo #046

Adam Johansson, Färgelanda, Sweden has this tattoo on his arm.

Tattoo #045

Rod from Seattle, Washington, USA, has this tattoo on his right shoulder.

Tattoo #044

Petri from Oulu, Finland, has a Molly tattoo on his right shoulder.

Tattoo #042

Kim Lund Jensen from Horsens, Denmark, got his D-A-D tattoo to Skanderborg Festival 2000.

Tattoo #041

Diana at Heidi Hay Tattoo in Gothenburg, Sweden, made this fish for Jonas Karlsson, Gothenburg.