Archive D-A-D Related Tattoos


Tattoo #078

Mikkell Vilster Pedersen from Korsør, Denmark, has a Helpyourselfish on his leg.

Tattoo #076

A new tattoo on True Believer Giada from Italy.

Tattoo #075

D-A-D tattoo on Julia Jäger, Germany.

Tattoo #074

A tattoo on Martin J.C. Bentzen.

Tattoo #073

Anders Mathiesen has got two brand new D.A.D related tattoos. Molly is on his back. (Lucas and Sarah are the names of Anders' children.) Inkwork by Michelle.

Tattoo #072

Anders Mathiesen's second D.A.D tattoo. Inkwork by Michelle.

Tattoo #071

Pernille Lund would like to share her new tattoo with everyone. The masterpiece was made by Frank Rosenkilde at Bel Air Tattoo, Frederiksberg.

Tattoo #070

Søren Winther Hansen, Roskilde, has added a new tattoo to his collection! Ink work by Tattoo-Mike.

Tattoo #069

A tattoo on a back in the audience at Elro Arena in Randers, January 31, 2009. Photo: Jens-Peter Brask.

Tattoo #068

Petri Juola from Oulu, Finland, got this new Jesper cartoon tattoo on his right leg. It's improvised from the drawing on the "Sleeping My Day Away" picture disc. The tattoo was made at Heaven & Hell Tattoo & Piercing in Oulu.

Tattoo #067

Petri's tattoo, closeup.

Tattoo #066

This is Lasse Rasmussen's second D-A-D-related tattoo, made at Fyns Tattoo Corner. Lasse has also got a Molly on his shoulder (see below).

Tattoo #065

Henrik "Henny" Kristensen finally got his D-A-D tattoo. He loves the Molly on his shoulder.
The tattoo was made at Randers Tattoo Nation.

Tattoo #064

Howard Fiske got the Helpyouselfish art work done at Tribal Urge Tattoos in Augusta, GA, USA.

"DAD is the only band i could ever think to honor in such a way"

Tattoo #063

Here is Rickard's tattoo of Molly. Rickard is very proud of having Molly with him wherever he goes!
Ever since the first time he saw the D-A-D symbol Molly (in the early 90's, on the album No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims) Rickard has wanted to have it on his body, and now it's there!
The tattoo was made by Patrik at Circle Tattoo in Stockholm.


Tattoo #062

Harriet von Brömssen - "Hollywood Vampire" - from Gothenburg, Sweden has a Molly tattoo on her right arm. The tattoo was made by Tattoo Rickard at American Art Tattoo Studio in Gothenburg.
For a long time Harriet had wanted a Molly tattoo and suddenly she began to like Crashdïet and wanted their crash symbol as well, so she had both tattoos made May 5, 2008. The picture shows all Harriet's tattoos. She made the first one in 1995.


Tattoo #061

Martin Lienau from Kiel, Germany, had a tattoo made at Christian Ceters Tatoo Farm. The tattoo was inspired by the Something Good single cover.

Tattoo #060

Johnny from Hirtshals heard D.A.D for the first time in 1991 and has been addicted ever since. His tattoo was made by Vassi at Cactuz Tattooz in Hjørring.