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Tattoo #096

Close-up on the fish...

Tattoo #095

... and on the D-Law quote.

Tattoo #094

Fredrik Staal from Norway had his tattoo made in Halden at Social Divison Tattoo.

Tattoo #093

Stefan from Tappernøje, Denmark, had his tattoo made in Ringsted, in October 2010.

Tattoo #092

The tattoo on Mikkel Kornum, Ølstykke, Denmark, was made in Amsterdam. "It is my only tattoo and I am happy to finally be a true DAD fan". 

Tattoo #091

Julia Jäger from Germany got a new D-A-D tattoo! She already had a small Molly and the band name on her wrist (see below). Now there is a bigger Molly on her other arm!

Tattoo #090

Oliver Ries, aka d.a.d-always, Sorgenfri, Denmark had his fan tattoo made in October 2010.

Tattoo #089

Patrick Rysholt from Hjørring, Denmark, got this great Molly tattoo made!

Tattoo #088

This is Molly on Mikael Danielsen's back. The tattoo was made in July 2010. Mikael is overmuch happy about it!

Tattoo #087

Martin Nissen's Molly tattoo was made by Kenneth at VB Tato.  

Tattoo #086

A photo of a D.A.D tattoo on Alan Hinshalwood.

Tattoo #085

Lars Kraemer from Varberg, Sweden, finally getting a tattoo on his chest....:

Tattoo #084


Tattoo #083

Eero Ylitalo has a tattoo made in September 2009 by Ronaldo in Leading Light in Stavanger, Norway.

Tattoo #082

Jordi's tattoo, made at Fusion Tattoo, Barcelona.

Tattoo #081

Molly Tattoo on Tascha Holme, Aalborg, Denmark.

Tattoo #080

Danne at Eternal Ink in Ängelholm, Sweden, tattooed "the D-A-D bull" on Robin Rosenblad's chest.

Tattoo #079

Viggo from Sorø, Denmark, got his Helpyourselfish tattoo many years ago.