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Tattoo #114

From Stockholm.

Tattoo #113

mic_nin's newest D:A:D tattoo.

Tattoo #112

Tattoo on Flemming Pallesen, made in December 2011 by Tattoos by Larsen.

Tattoo #111


Thomas aka. Downstroy got another D-A-D tattoo last weekend.

Drawing and idea are made in collaboration with Nørgaard Tattoo.

On the tattoo you find the band from the No Fuel/Riskin' days, the rocket bass, the firework helmet, the Helpyourselfish logo and the Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark vinyl!

Tattoo #110


Thomas aka. Downstroy.

Tattoo #109


Thomas aka. Downstroy.

Tattoo #108

Ejnar from Gentofte, Denmark, finally had a tattoo made, with a line from Laugh 'N' 1/2. Ejnar grew up with the song and heard Riskin' It All for the first time at the age of four!

Tattoo #107

The rest of the text on Ejnar.

Tattoo #106

Jerry Lee from Billings, MT, USA writes: "My new Molly tat! Coming from America for 2 shows in April. Woo Hoo!"

Tattoo #105

Thomas aka Downstroy has finally got his D-A-D/Motörhead/KISS tattoo. The tattoo consists of the band symbols of his favorite bands: 1) The cow skull from D.A.D, 2) The Starchild star from KISS and 3) The military hat and the War-pig logo from Motörhead.

Tattoo #104

Magnus Schmidt from Landskrona, Sweden, sent a picture of his half made tattoo a few years ago (see below). Now the tattoo is finished!

Tattoo #103

"Dave here from NYC. Saw my first D-A-D shows in the summer of 2010 and now I have my first tattoo! Molly rocks!"

Tattoo #102

Dave's Molly.

Tattoo #101

Gunnar from Norway had a nice D-A-D logo tattoo made this summer.

Tattoo #100

Magnus from Askersund, Sweden: "Didn't know what my first tattoo would be, i always wanted a D-A-D tattoo, and when i saw Molly as a fish there was no doubt about it, and i was so pleased"

Tattoo #099

Stefanie Hansen got a D-A-D tattoo on April 19th, 2011. Her friend came up with the idea of a Molly with angel wings and a halo. It has become Stefanie's guardian angel. "Not only do I bring a piece of my friend with me, but also a piece of the best rock band ever."

Tattoo #098

On April 21st, 2011, Martin Poulsen aka Smirge, finally got a Molly on his arm!

Tattoo #097

"My dad has two D-A-D tattoo's because he thinks you are the best band in the world!"