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Tattoo #132

Jordi's Molly tattoo made at Fusion Tattoo, Barcelona.

Tattoo #131

First Top Hat tattoo in the gallery, on Jann Christensen.

Tattoo #130

Binzer King, on Jann Christensen.

Tattoo #129

Ink explosion with a very good-looking Molly, on the back of a lucky Swede. Artwork by Pia Strang at Brimstone Alley.

Tattoo #128

Jordi's tattoo made at Fusion Tattoo Barcelona.

Tattoo #127

Jan Pierri Malund got a Molly tattoo on his back. "Hun er den bedste :D"

Tattoo #126

Tattoo on Kati Enberg from Finland.

Tattoo #125

Pehr at Deep Cuts Tattoo in Eskilstuna made this Molly for Micke from Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Tattoo #124

Pete Väisänen (DADFAN78) from Vantaa, Finland, has two DAD tattoos, so far: Molly is on his back...

Tattoo #123

... and Helpyourselfish is on Pete Väisänen's (DADFAN78) right arm.

"More to come sometime soon!!"



Tattoo #122

Mark writes: "Old school.  Sorry it's faded!"

Tattoo #121

Steen's tattoo.

Tattoo #120

Anders got his DAD tattoo last year and it means everything to him. He says the band is the only real rock band in the world. Anders has been listening to DAD's music since he was born and he's still doing it. It's getting better and better!

Tattoo #119

Birger's sweet wife gave him this tattoo for his 60th birthday. A tribute to the world's finest rock band. "Tak for mange udemærkede stunder."

Tattoo #118

Poul Pilegaard got a DAD tattoo, a tribute to the best rock band in Denmark.
He doesn't recommend placing your tattoo where he did. You need to go through a lot of pain three or four times to make the ink permanent!


Tattoo #117

Marie got Jesper's, Stig's and Cobber's autographs at DMA 2012 and had a tattoo made of them. Laust's autograph was missing until Aalborg 2013. It's now waiting at the tattoo studio. The tattoo will become complete when Laust's name is on Marie's arm, with the other three.

Tattoo #116

Cassandre from France got a new tattoo on her arm.

Tattoo #115

Molly on Rasmus Andersen's arm.