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2010 Christmas card

2009 Christmas card

All four band members signed the card, which could be transformed into a Christmas decoration.

2009 Christmas card in the tree

2008 Christmas Newsmail

The Christmas gift was a video, introduced by the band: Money Always Takes The Place Of Life live from Copenhagen.

2008 Christmas picture, close-up

2007 Christmas Newsmail

2006 Christmas card, front

2006 Christmas card, back

2006 Santa's Workshop

2005 Christmas Newsmail

The Christmas gift was a video: Unexplained live from KB-hallen, Copenhagen.

2004 Christmas Newsmail

The Christmas gift was a video: Good Day live from Tivoli, Copenhagen.

2003 Christmas card

The Net Pets received an email with a link to this Christmas card where they could download a video from the studio...

2002 Christmas greeting

"in 2002 we got a video of the boys, dressed in the clothes from the Soft Dogs poster.. saying merry christmas, and then cobber begins to sing and truelife yells 'cut!'"

kenneth ´Big Ones´

[no picture provided]

2001 Christmas card

2001 Christmas present

This badge, with Molly disguised as a dog, was sent to the fans with
the 2001 Christmas card, approximately two months before the release of
the Soft Dogs album.

2000 Christmas card

On the 2000 card there was a sticker...

1999 Christmas card

The 1999 card came with a sew-on-patch...

1998 Christmas present, back