Archive D-A-D Related Tattoos


Tattoo #142

"Finally I had it done!"

Fish on Nicklas Isgren's arm.

Tattoo #141

Nathan Lowe writes: "Check out this BAD CRAZINESS i've been rockin around with for the last 25 years."

Tattoo #140

The very first tattoo Flemming Petersen Mölder got was the cow skull.

Tattoo #139

Henry Slettemose got Jesper's autograph at the Hus Forbi Party on August 30, 2016. The day after it became a tattoo.

Tattoo #138

Camilla made this tattoo on her D-A-D-loving mother's leg!

Tattoo #137

Martin Lienau in Germany writes:

"right in time to the grön koncert tour, I had become my new d-a-d- tattoo !

It´s my third tattoo of the best band in the world and i guess, it´s not my last..."

Tattoo #136

Molly on Fritz Geller.

Tattoo #135

On Päde Lehtimäki from Finland.

Tattoo #134

On Johanne Ploug Kragsig Hansen‎.

Tattoo #133

Martin from Germany writes: "it's my second d-a-d tattoo and this time it's real nasty !!"

Tattoo #132

Jordi's Molly tattoo made at Fusion Tattoo, Barcelona.

Tattoo #131

First Top Hat tattoo in the gallery, on Jann Christensen.

Tattoo #130

Binzer King, on Jann Christensen.

Tattoo #129

Ink explosion with a very good-looking Molly, on the back of a lucky Swede. Artwork by Pia Strang at Brimstone Alley.

Tattoo #128

Jordi's tattoo made at Fusion Tattoo Barcelona.

Tattoo #127

Jan Pierri Malund got a Molly tattoo on his back. "Hun er den bedste :D"

Tattoo #126

Tattoo on Kati Enberg from Finland.

Tattoo #125

Pehr at Deep Cuts Tattoo in Eskilstuna made this Molly for Micke from Eskilstuna, Sweden.